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From today, we learn the reproductive system part of the pig; the importance of the reproductive system is not to say, this is what people know; because there is no reproductive system, pigs can not be prisonful, then The pig is poisonous, and there is no such thing as pigs and pork.
But pigs’ reproduction of pigs is not enough, and those who study pig breeding are less, this is an important reason why our production level is low.

I want to make a big breeding potential for pigs. The anatomical knowledge of learning pigs is very necessary.

Today we first learn the anatomical knowledge of boars.

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Anatomy-related boar phenomenon has boots, scrotum hernia, artificial fertilization, summer boar’s death; going to potential is the necessary skills necessary; scrotum 疝 is raising A problem of pigs, because there is a scrotial malthe, the value of this pig is reduced, and the acquisition is unwilling, but also a lot of good words; and artificial souvenirs is a big pig farm. Daily work; summer boar is dead, it is an important factor in surprising pig production in many regions. Because the boar is dead, the fetter rate of summer breeding is seriously reduced, and the pig group can only exert half of the normal period. Performance.


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The reproductive system of the boar includes the reproductive organ and the genitation gland, the reproductive organ has testicles, epididymis, vascular and penis, reproductive gland, urethra gland, prostate, etc .; we all know, semen In addition to sperm, there is a lot ofLiquid; where sperm is caused by testicles, and these liquids are produced by these gland; epididymis is where the sperm and further mature are places, and the vascular and penis are semen discharged.


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This picture displayed reproductive organs are more comprehensive, and the location is also very strong; in addition to the reproductive organs and raw gods, there are some subsidiary organizations, It is also very important for pig pigs. Here, you can see that the testicles are in vitro, which is a special place in the reproductive system. If the testicles are not outside, it is like a rooster, that is no reproductive ability. For example, the total sheath is necessary to be involved. It is also familiar to scrotal hernia surgery; while the scrotum can help us see if the testicles are normal, or the only way for testicular heat dissipation, summer boars die The essence is often because testicular heat dissipation does not timely cause premature death.


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The main content displayed in this picture is sperm. Since the tissue organs such as transportation vessels, blood vessels, nerves and other organizational organs are taken by a pipeline, and they need to take the testicles when they go. At the same time, they should be cut off; for small pigs, the sperm is very fine and the vascular nerves are also very When you are less, the cutoff is often not seen from blood; but if it is an adult pig, the sorry is thick and the vasodinal distribution is much distributed. It is a lot of blood to flow; so the big boar is going to the big boar, must be considered in the fracture Loon, otherwise it will bleed.

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This picture specializes in testicular.

As seen from this picture, in fact, the testis is a testosteriomy with the elongate prolonged, which avoids direct contact with the tissue and the scrotum; when it is going, it can take the testicles directly. You need to cut the testum vesicles, you can remove it with your hand; but if you take it together, you need to increase your strength, and you will be bigger to the pig. Source: Liu pig Author: Liu Dewang

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