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Today we learn the anatomical knowledge of the reproductive system of the sow.

The sow reproductive system is more opportunities for boar, and we have accessible; going to artificial products, artificial midwifery, uterine rinsing, etc., need to be familiar with the anatomical knowledge of the reproductive system.
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This is a reproductive system diagram of a second month old sow, the front image is a separate reproductive system diagram, which is a specific location of each reproductive organ in the pig. Here, there are several important contents here, one is a spiral uterine neck, one is a many garden ovaries, the other is the specific location of the ovarian; the spiral uterus neck, usually close It can prevent the outside of what is entered. When breeding or manual production, you can lock the penis or vascular, prevent the semen backward; there are many gardens in the ovary, it is to say that the sow can have multiple follicles, which The number of follicles is variable; the location of the ovaries can be made to the sow to point out where it is to open; of course, other parts are also very clear.


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This is the reproductive system diagram of adult sows, which can clearly see the location and shape of each reproductive organ and the different sows; first is an ovary and The uterus is more inward, and the hometown is mostly the original; at this time, the uterus angle is in the last second pair of nipples; this provides us with a B-ultra-pregnant examination. In addition, from this figure, it can be seen that the cervical port has becomeOften small, in a closed state.

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This is an ovarian structure diagram, which is more clearly to see that there are very many follicles and primary follicles in an ovary, and the size of follicles is different; such follicles, give Let’s take a suggestion that the sow now discharges twenty eggs at a time, it can continue to increase.

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This is a pregnant mother’s placenta; the embryo is covered with a wall of the embryo and the uterine wall, and the uterine wall is not rich. Embryo provides nutrition; if the fertilized egg is not smooth, the embryo cannot be adequate nutrients through the blood vessels, which will be died; this is why it is easy to die in the bed.
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The main functions of these organs will be said.

The main function of the ovaries is to produce egg and secreted hormones; follicles can secrete estrogen in maturity, stimulating sows with estrus symptoms; follicles after ovulation form yellow body, secrete pregnancy, and maintain pregnancy.

The uterus is the field growth of the fetus growth, with the fetal age, the uterus has gradually become large.

The cervix is ​​equivalent to a door of the reproductive system, usually closed, only when estrus and production, it plays the protection.
The vulvar is the estrus of the sow and the most obvious external performance at the time of production; when estrus, it will become swollen, and the production is larger.

The placenta is a nutrient source of the fetus, and nutrients can be taken from the blood vessels of the female pigs.

The fallopian tube is a sperm and egg fertilization. The funnel is responsible for caught the egg, and the narrow portion is relatively narrow, so that the egg chooses sperm fertilization. We also mentioned the bladder, too much urine, will affect the development of the fetus; the urine in the bladder will also affect B-ultrasound pregnancy because the bladder and embryos displayed by B-ultrasound are Deep black, but the difference is much larger than the black spot of the bladder, the location is different.

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