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Speaking of a sports system, we have to talk about sports and health, because for pigs, a healthy pig group is very important; if the pig is unhealthy, pig people Will have too much energy for preventing disease, and will lose a lot of money.

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Motion is good for health, it is motion that can promote blood circulation; blood circulation is smooth, the nutrients required by the organism organized organs will be supplied in time, and various functions are operating normally; The blood circulation is smooth, and the toxins produced by tissue cells will also be discharged in a timely manner, reducing the poison of the body; in addition, the whole body blood circulation is smooth, and the body development will be more coordinated.


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In production, exercise is advantageous for the production of pigs, and can solve multiple problems.

The first is the exercise can be emotional; the easiest way of sports is to drive the pig to the sports field. The effect is better is that the car movement and drive movement.


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For sows in the positioning column, the way in which the movement can be used; the internal movement means that the pig is not possible to carry out the limb transport.When you move, let the pigs eat crude feed; due to crude feed, it will delay the time in the gastrointestinal tract, increase gastrointestinal motility, and promote blood circulation; this is very important for pregnant sows.

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Conditional pig farm, can build a special sports field, like a sports field like the figure, can have a long sow at the same time; a boar who likes fighting is one Very nice way of movement; we have tried it in a pig farm, one of which can have a few bolets simultaneously, because the pig’s head can’t return, there is no fight.

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Ancient people with small pig prisoners, refer to the small pigs, keep your health, and grow up, then raise less Activities for quick long meat.

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