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Today we talk about the sports system.

This picture is a picture of a pig swimming competition; exercise on pig pigs, the impact is still very big; exercise can enhance health less sick; exercise can increase the fleshy, improve pig prices; so it is necessary to understand sports The relevant knowledge of the system.

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First, the composition of the motor system; the motion system is mainly composed of bone, bone joints and muscles; the skeleton constitutes the solid stent of the animal to maintain body shape, protect the organ, support weight, is a movement lever . The bone link is a connection between bone and bone. Most of the pigs can be active, and these movable bone connectors are called joints, which are moving hubs. Bone and bone linking are passive parts of the movement, and the muscles are active part. Muscles are moving motivation; but for pigs, muscles are the largest value of pig products; how long is the muscles grow less fat, pigs can sell a good price.


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This is a picture of pork skeleton; a large amount of pigs is the limbs of pigs, because many pigs lose feeding value because there are problems with limbs; seeing the pig’s limbs It is very thin, but to withstand the weight of the entire pig; for a pig, if the limbs are not normal, the value is reduced. Also pay attention to the tail, there are many of the tail vertebra; if it is unscrupulous, the bone marrow in the tail vertebrae will be exposed to the outside, which is easy to be infected; if the pig has a bitten tail, it is more likely to Some pigs will be bite directly.

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This is a pig-fitting muscle map, which can see the number of neck and buttocks from the figure. Therefore, it is often chosen when the muscles are injected. The reason for the hips is afraid. Affect the quality of muscles, while hip injection is greater relative to the neck.

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About muscle, muscle is called skeletal muscle in motion system, which is made of countless muscle fibers; skeletal muscle is also known as horizontal muscles, one of muscle; muscle cells are long-colored multi-core Cells, each core is separated from one horizontal pattern, so it is called the striped muscle; the length is 1-40 mm, and the diameter is 10-100um.

In addition to the skeletal muscle, there are two muscles, one is myocardium, the other is smooth muscle; myocardium is the muscles constituting the heart, the smooth muscle is the muscles that make up the internal organs such as intestinal, stomach, uterus, etc.


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The muscles mentioned above have sports function, but the way the movement is completely different; the skeletal muscle is dominated by nervous, I want to move, this is the pig we see. Can walk, freely movement; myocardium is a rhythmic movement, not being dominated, as long as the energy supply is sufficient, myocardium will keep exercise; of course, the mildewoman will be affected by body fluids, such as calcium ions will accelerate exercise. Potassium ions will slow down. The smooth muscle is neither a nerve domination, nor is not stopped, but is controlled by the receptor; when the stimulation ingredient reaches a certain degree, the smooth muscle will move; stomachSmooth muscle movement, etc .; the above motion mode and regulation, it is helpful to handle the physiological phenomena of some pigs.

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