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The fertilized egg is a very important process; because many of the fertilized eggs have not been able to take the bed at the right time, leading to death; the number of affected eggs during bed are very large It is the first peak of death.

For pigs, the fertilized egg began to look at the bed in 9-13 days after breeding.
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The fertilized egg bed is a combination of early embryos and matrix walls of the birth of a mammal, thereby establishing a structural connection between mother and child to achieve material exchange.

After sperm and eggs are fertilized, in the uterus, the nutrients in the uterus are divided by the nutrients in the absorbent subterior fluid; but when the number of homophobs is large enough, the nutrients provided by the uterus liquid are far less than a certain degree. After the bed, the embryo can absorb nutrients through the blood vessels on the uterine wall, as the blood circulation is constantly carried out, and nutrients are constantly transmitted to the embryo.

About the fertilized eggs, I have been using the Red Army to be metaphor. The Red Army has been in an unsafe state during the long synthetic, and there is a possibility that the Kuomintang army is eliminated; but after arriving in Northern Shaanxi, it has its own base, and it will be settled.

Therefore, it is very important to have a very important role in the survival and development of embryos.
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This is a process diagram of a human affairing bed; you can clearly see the process of affected eggs, until the bed, the fertilized egg and the uterine wallCombine, life is guaranteed.

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The importance of the bed is reflected in three aspects; the first is whether the fertilized egg can be smoothly developed into a fetus; the second is that if the bed is not good, even though not Death, but it may also become a weakness; the third is to directly reflect the reduction in the number of production; the number of fertilized eggs is large, but some deaths are absorbed, only partially developed into fetus, the number of production is naturally less .

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What kind of condition is needed?
The first is that the fertilized egg is robust; about this problem, people who have been hatched have come into contact with the essence; except for normal affiliates, there is a weak egg, such eggs are often difficult to develop As a chicken, it is likely to die in the previous period; so the quality of the fertilized egg itself is very important.

Secondly, the uterine wall is a healthy sow that occurs in endometritis. It is not an ovulation, but the affordable egg cannot bear the bed and die. The third is to have a stable environment during bed; if it encounters strenuous exercise during this period, the uterus will also be turbulent, and the fertilized egg is also difficult to find.

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Let’s analyze the escaping bed by anatomy analysis.

The left diagram shows the structure of the uterine wall, the right picture is the endometrial blood vessel and the gland model; if the uterus occurs, then the endometrium is destroyed, affected eggIt can’t be smooth, attached to the uterine wall, and it is impossible to absorb the nutrients of the shear wall vectic.

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So, more fertilized eggs are needed to eliminate factors affecting the bed.

The first do not feeding too much feed during this period, energy supply is too high, will strengthen metabolism, which is unfavorable to the bed.

The second should avoid strenuous stimulation, such as transfer group, fight, other sows, etc..
Third do not take a vaccine during this period because many vaccine injections cause large stress.
The fourth should pay attention to preventing the emergence of uterine inflammation.
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