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The sow is a matter of raising a sow, and the harm of pig pigs is quite big; today we discuss the problem of sow from anatomical perspective.

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First, it is said that the harm of sow is the harvest.

First, many sows die due to improper treatment.

Second, because the sow died, of course, the piglet that did not produce did not live. Third, the third, the words, many people will take artificial midwifery, but due to bacterial entry and endometrial damage, it is prone to endometritis.

Fourth, it is also easy to cause harsh and suffering from being difficult to produce a sow.

Of course, there are more harmful harvests, such as personnel fatigue, increase costs.
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One of the reasons for the difficulty is that the piglet is too large; because the birthplace is so wider, the piglet is big, it is difficult.

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Second, the cause of the cause of birth, is the stenosis of the proactive; this situation has appeared on the beginning of the primary mother, because the initial sow is the first time, and the mother pig is small, the birthplace Naturally narrow.
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Third, it is insufficient production; this mainly occurs On the elderly sows and thin sows, some pig farms take pre-pre-pre-production method, which will also be difficult to produce due to insufficient resservations.

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The four reasons for the problem is that the friction is too large; when the pig is output, it is accompanied by a piece of fetal water, and the fetal water is a very lubricated liquid; but if the fetal water flows out The piglet did not come out in time, the uterus wall will become dry, the lubricity is lowered, the friction is increased, which is equivalent to two meat sticks, it is difficult to separate.


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Here we take a picture to see the birth of sows; before the sow, piglets are located in the abdomen, but they should output, first pass through the pelvic cavity; unsuccessful sow The pelvic cavity did not open, the pellet was very small; however, the opening of the pelvic cavity was related to the body of pigs. The mouth of the small sow was much smaller than the adult sow. This is more likely to produce the primary sow. main reason. In addition, the thickness of the maneuct also affects the width of the evacuation. If the artificial midwifery or piglet can not output for a long time, the malagia may have edema, and the malachic will make the proactive becomes narrower; so, sometimes the hand is always It is easy to stretch, but after a few times, the hand will not reach it, that is, there is edema. Therefore, there is an experienced old veterinary doctor, not advocating direct midwifery, but first reaching into half a hand, trying to have a piglet in the birthplace, there is a help, don’t always put the whole arm Advance the birthplace.

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Coping with the mother of the sow should be prevented as the main, and the midwife measures should be taken if necessary.
The first is that the breeding of sows should be based on standards, such as weight, monthly agers, estrus, etc., don’t breed too early; The second is that the primary sow can be controlled in the later stage, preventing the fetus; I can make up for it later, but if it is damaged by it, it is difficult to make up in the future;

The third is that the old and thin sows will supplement nutrition early; because the same feed, young and middle-aged The pig is strongly absorbed. It is more than the elderly mother pig in the premium. Therefore, during the pregnancy, it is necessary to give these old weak mother pigs to make up for the gap between their digestive ability; Fourth, when the birth of the proceeding, considering the friction of piglets and uterine walls, it is necessary to transfer lubricant in time; The fifth is to use oxytocin for sows that have insufficient production force, but it is clear that it is only produced When the force is insufficient, if it is due to the stenosis or the fetus is too large, the oxytocin may be harmful;

Sixth is to inject chlorinated alkenyl alcohol in advance for sows that may be produced, because this drug combines pigs The hormones produced by themselves will make the production path to open more thoroughly;

Seven, if the above approach is invalid, in order to ensure the life of the sow, it is necessary to take a caesarean section.

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