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Learning is for application, learning anatomical knowledge, but also to improve the reproductive performance of sows. Today we discuss this problem from a different point of view.

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What kind of conditions do you need to improve the reproductive ability?

The first is normal reproductive organs, such as ovaries, uterus, etc. If these organs have levy, such as ovarian inflammation, ovarian cysts, endometritis, etc., reproductive ability will definitely decrease. Secondly, normal hormones secretion, such as hypodulin, oligin, estrogen, progesterone, prostaglandin, laminarin, prolactin, etc., there is a difference in secretion of various hormones in different periods, there is an error, reproduction Will fail.

The third is suitable for nutrients, and it will disrupt in vivo balance, which is not conducive to reproduction. The fourth is a comfortable environment, and the pig is a strong adaptability, but it is very sensitive to heat, more than 30 ° C, and reproductive performance will be affected.

Finally, it also needs to be in place; excessive stress during pregnancy, may result in pregnancy failure, while excessive stress during breastfeeding will affect the amount of sow, indirectly affect the reproductive ability of the mother pig.

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Let’s talk about how to use ovaries. With ovaries, it is because the ovaries of the pig can accommodate too much ovar cells, but it can also accommodate other components; if the sow is fat, that is redundantFat is flooded into the ovary, accounting for the space of the ovarian, the number of follicles is less, so obese sows often produce less. Therefore, the salory pig is not capable. But not too thin, because of the thin, can’t afford the follicles, the mature follicles are insufficient, and they will not have more eggs, and they can’t eat more. In addition, the ovar is generated after ovulation, and the yellow body is the organ of the secretory progesterone, and the progesterone is a hormone that maintains pregnant; if we accidentally let the pregnant mother contacts prostaglandin, dissolve the yellow body, the pregnancy is failed.


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Let’s talk about the uterus. There are several aspects of the influence of the uterus, first is the cervix, followed by a healthy endometrium, and then use the length of the uterus angle.
The cervix is ​​usually closed, and the bacteria will not enter, but in the event of estrus, it is open, the bacteria will enter; if the bacteria enters infected, endometritis occurs. That is a problem.

The endometrium is where the embryo is attached. If inflammation occurs, the embryo cannot be attached to the above, and it can’t absorb the nutrients of the mother pig vessel. The embryo will be starved to death, and the pregnancy will fail; mild Endometritis, the number of production will decrease, severe endometritis, can not be pregnant, and even lead to life infertility.

Using the length of the hometown, it is that the uterus is very long. If you can raise five embryos, you can also raise ten embryos; but such a long uterus, you want to raise the embryo, then Need more crude blood vessels to provide nutrition; so make pigs to produce more, so that pigs are healthy, more exercise, and smooth blood circulation.


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Finally, we talked about the breast; we said the reproductive ability of the sow, not the boutique pig, but the piggy pigTo measure standards. Then there is a good lactation ability of the sow to make more pigs wear smoothly; but let the mother pig breast have more milk, there are many breast bubbles; in the breast bubble start, that is During the 75-90 days after pregnancy, don’t feed too much, otherwise excess fat occupy the space of breast bubbles, the amount of breasts is less, and the amount of milk is not much. Also pay attention to the sanitary environment of the breast. If the breast is infected, breast inflammation occurs, and inflammation will also oppress breast bubbles, so that breast bubbles cannot perform normal functions, and the amount of milk is less.

Top these, telling you, learn to understand the knowledge, help us understand various technical means; understand the truth, it will be more resolute when executing.
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