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Animal size of the animal, the animal, the animal, the animal, the body, the production of pure copper, sheath protection, long service life, the size of the 2m range. In order to master the growth and development conditions of the cattle body and the relative developmental relationship between the parts. The size of the cattle represents the length, width, angle, and volume of the cattle. It reflects the characteristics of the appearance structure of the individual or cattle. The commonly used measurement items will be described below: First, the highest point of the body is the vertical distance of the cattle standing. Second, the body is long and shoulder (the shoulder blade and the humeral joint) to the distance of the hip (the trailing edge of the skeleton).

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Address: No.1, Zuojiazhuang, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China – When buying cattle first, when you buy a meat, you should buy a meat, you should buy a big mouth, the nostril, the eyes are god, the body is longer, the legs are thick, the tail is strong, such a cow eats well, health and disease . In addition, it is necessary to combine the fur and hips to require the skin to be elastic, but the fur fur is more soft, and a big brief, such a cattle is long, fattening, and high economic efficiency.

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