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Chicken Adviser Small Akanqiao Kara Virus (Cardiac) Special Exquisite Ovaton Antibody Cardiac Liquid Type Ankkon – Ankara Virus Sniper Stage Prevention and Virtue Quick Elimination! Exquisite egg yolk antibody, injection once, fast control! Large customers can specifically customize, more effects, no residual and poisonous side effects. [Main ingredients] adenovirus, Fahishen high-free oofridge antibody, spleen source small peptide, a variety of amino acids, and the like. Product Features 1, select multi-popular strain immunity, ensuring effective use: Dadong agricultural technology and cooperative research units often go deep into the first line of collected diseases, identification and experiment screening all over the popular strains, and have good prevention and control effect. 2, super concentration process, high antibody titer: multi-stage super concentrated process, high antibody titer, use this product to quickly work. 3, plus special adjuvants, this product can be stored at room temperature, oral and injection can be given, which is very convenient for administration. 4, efficient and safe, green health: this product is a combination of exquisite antibodies and polymymatochyrochemistry, using safety, no resistance and residue since July 2015, after nearly half a year, the market clinical observation and Laboratory examination, 90% of the primary factors caused by adenoviruses. Suggestion: The chicks use excellent immune booster, purifying mate immunosuppression and stimulating immune organ development. It is recommended to use oletic peptide or positive energy, and often use antibodies before age, stage prevent disease.! [Usage and Dosage] Mixed drink: 150 kg of water, concentrated drink, use 3-5 days, or at 0.5-1 ml / kg once. [Recommended] 1. Treatment: Press 0.5-1 ml / kg to administer once. 2. Prevention in the first three days of frequent age, 150 kg orally, help the dangerous period, to avoid its harm. [Packaging specifications] 250ml / bottle. [Storage method] sealed, stored in a cool place in 2-6 ° C, the validity period is at least 2 years; room temperature is preserved, the validity is 12 months.

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