Anti-respiratory symptom of 18 days old

A cultivated friend 15,000 chickens, aged 18 days, from 10 days of age, respiratory symptoms, the treatment of two courses, the condition is not reduced, but there is a weight loss With the increase in the sky, the number of casualties increased, and the large group of observations were sluggish. The eyes were red and red, with a cough to account for about 20%, and the feces did not form, there is water sample. The symptoms are as follows:

tracheal ring bleeding, mucus

kidney hemorrhage

Diagnostic results: When the respiratory tract occurs, there is no timely control, secondary Causes the airbag with carnes, severe large rods, liver, kidney swollen kidney bleeding, this situation is that the condition is not controlled in time, and it has been mixed infection. What is the cause of this situation? When you start the respiratory tract, use anti-viral drug for three days, there is no effect, why is there no effect? The reason is that there is no attention, thinking that it is okay to prevent it. The cause of this chickenhouse is because the airbagitis caused by the low ventilation and hypoders is equal to it is non-symptomatic treatment. The second course of treatment is a viral drug + large pole + airbagitis. The result is still not good efficiency. The reason is that the drug is symptomatic. It does not take into account the pathogenesis. It has not improved the environment from the source of the disease. There is no additional liver protection. Drugs, because the drug is vacted by liver metabolism, the kidney is discharged, if the liver kidney is not good, the effect of the drug is greatly reduced. For the above reasons, the treatment plan we gives is: 1. Increase the air volume, increase the humidity, give the chicken a good growth environment II. Adjustment drug solution, morning Chinese medicine antiviral drug (Vision) + large pole Aberga clear), in the afternoon for the treatment of airbagitis, with glucose at night. Remarks: Remind the majority of breeding friends, when respiratory disease occurs, must diagnose the type of respiratory tract, symptomatic treatment, then find the cause of the disease, put an end to the condition of management, it is to prevent excitation infection

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