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518 Farming Information Network News: Fat as a high-energy raw material is generally used to formulate young, high-yield, and in thermal aggressive states, the purpose is to improve the nutrient concentration of feed and ensure that the genetic potential of livestock and poultry is fully utilized. This article is a brief detailed in the application effect and precautions of fat in the production of cows.
First, the effect of the dairy day
With the increase in the amount of milk, the amount of dairy energy also increases, and the increase in the amount of feeding is small, especially the pre-lactation, the energy metabolism is negative. Balance, thus limiting the play of genetic potential. In order to reduce or avoid the occurrence of negative balance, increase the amount of milk, it must improve the energy concentration in the diet, and the general practice is to increase the fine feed and reduce the crude feed. This approach causes the modification of the type of rumen fermentation, decrease in acetic acid, increased propionic acid, rapid decrease in the rumen pH, inhibits the viability of cellulose decomposition, and the cream is lowered. At the same time, it is also easy to cause acidosis and other metabolic disorders. If you do not change the rough proportion of day grain, add an appropriate amount of fat in the day grain, you can reduce or avoid these issues.
According to CLAPPERTON, each cow adds 364 gram fat daily, and the amount of milk is increased by 8%, and the cream is increased by 13% -18%; CHALUPA et al. (1991) Add brown pagulopathy in Niu Yuliet. Daily milk is 2.4 kg, and the cream is 5%, but the milk protein content fell by 0.16%. Schneider et al. (1988) divided 108 cows into two groups, a set of 2.4% brown paulic acid, another group of control group, 110 days of test showed that the addition of fatty milk increased by 17.4%, while reduction of ketones Metabolic diseases such as blood disorder and fatty liver. Liu Qinghui et al. (1996) added 6% of fish oil in the dairy diet, and also significantly improved the amount of milk. Therefore, adding fat in the dairy diet is a good role in improving the production of milk.
Second, the problem of adding fat should be paid attention to
1. Improvement of
The amount of fat added is not, the more, the amount is too much, especially the unparalleled fat, lead to the stomas Excessive burdens, reducing the activity of microorganisms and crude fibers, making dry matter descending volume, and decreased with milk production. Generally, the amount of cow is suitable for 3% -4%. That is, each cow is added 0.45-1.36 kg every day.can. However, if the amount is more than 4%, the exceeding portion should be replaced by the consted fat. At the same time, pay attention to the amount of milk of the cows, if the average lactation is at least 25.5 kg, there is no need to add oil; the amount of the milk exceeds this value, and fat should be added to increase the grain energy admissibility concentration to meet its production needs.
2. Feeding the fat, step by step
gradually increases fat feed, avoids the problem of poorness. Fed to quantification in three stages, that is, the total amount of use in 3 to 4 weeks will not significantly affect the margin of the cows.
3. The added fat is preferably reported by the packaged fat
Jenkins et al. (1984), adding unparalleled fat, has a strong inhibitory effect on the rumen. Since the fatty acid produced in rumen is degraded to the rumen bacteria, especially cellulose decomposing bacteria, thereby significantly reduces the digestibility of cellulose. At the same time, methane, hydrogen, VFA production decrease, acetic acid: propionic acid ratio decreased, and the cream is reduced. Palmqist et al. (1984) summarizes that the results of others also believe that fat can reduce microbial activity, which can reduce cellulose digestibility, and add saponinated, formaldehyde, etc., so that fat does not dissociate and hydrolysis in the rumen, directly Enter the small intestine to digest and absorb. Avoid affecting cellulose and other nutrient digestive absorption, thereby improving the production performance of cows. Therefore, in production, fat is used, and the inclusive fat must be added. If it is handled without a package, the first is to control the amount of addition; the second is to increase the content of calcium and magnesium in diet.
4. Pay attention to the quality of fed fat
According to Japan “Science Feed” report, the US Department of Agriculture is recommended for feeding fat quality standards: (1) total fatty acid content is more than 90%, less water 1.0%, insoluble impurities less than 1.5%: (2) The unino substation of animal and plant fats is less than 1.0% and 4.0% respectively: (3) stability an AOM value, the peroxide value is less than 20 MEQ / kg in 70 hours; (4) ) The content of pesticide residuncture and polychlorophenzene is in line with feeding norms. Therefore, when using fat, pay attention to the quality of fat, especially if you do not use the fatty fat to feed. Otherwise it will be lost.
5. Take note of the composition of the day
Add fat to consider crude feeding in the dietThe type of material. According to reports, when the maize silage is mainly forage, only the amount of cattle and sheep can improve the amount of milk; alfalfa has a good synergistic effect, and alfalfa can accelerate the digestion of cottonseed, which may be because High, can form insoluble calcium soos soosable with fatty acids to make the fatty acids via the rumen.
6. Fat Type
According to reports, 2.4% of six fatty acids were added to the diet of dairy (8: 0, 10: 0, 12: 0, 14: 0, 16: 0, 18: 0) The calcium salt, resulting of 14: 0, 16: 0, 18: 0 fatty acids increased by 3.58% -3.67% compared to the subject, and the fatty acid content in cream is also rising accordingly; additional 8: 0 increased by 3.37%: The addition of 10: 0 and 12: 0, 2.8% -3.07%: Japan’s “Science Feed” (1991) also reported that some people add 2% -3% of granular hardening fat in the dairy diet, improve There is a good role in the amount of milk, the creamy, and the fetus ratio. Description Add fat in the dairy diet, with long chain saturated fatty acids. (518 farming technology network)

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