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The source of plant proteins is wide, stable supply, which is much lower than animal protein and fish powder, is a good fish powder substitute. However, due to factors such as the presence of anti-nutrient factors and amino acid imbalance, the physiological function, meat component and growth rate of the cultured object will be affected more or less. The study found that the rainbow trout containing corn powder will cause the accumulation of lutein in the muscles; plant protein replacement fish powder makes the activity of the protease in the rainbow trout and the intestine of the intestine; replaces the fish powder with double low vegetable seeds The vitality of gastric protease, hepatic protease and lipase; plant protein replacement fish powder will reduce the activity of transaminase in flower baffles, causing a fish body to degrade the metabolism of proteins; feeding breeding objects based on plant protein (Golden And rainbow trout will affect the integrity of its intestinal tissue structure, resulting in shortening of small intestinal fluff, causing a large amount of separation of inherent layers and epithelial layers, and causes symptoms such as enteritis; adding vegetable meal can cause a small amount of hepatocytes to degenerate and Nuclear offset, when the feed is more than 45%, a large number of hepatocytes have air expare and obvious nuclear offset, and the liver tissue structure is deepened. Treatment strategy for adverse effects: In addition, plant protein replacement fish powder generally has defects such as amino acid imbalance, poor equipotropicity, such as one or more amino acids (especially methionine and lysine), or functional nutrients (cholesterol, taurine) Lack of bile acid, etc.). For the imbalance of plant protein amino acids, the complementarity of plant protein amino acids can be utilized, such as methionine in soybean meal, is a first restriction amino acid, and a high degree of methionine in corn powder is high and lysine is serious, and thus passes The amino acid composition in different plant proteins or some animal proteins is prepared in the preparation of mixed protein replacement fish powder to increase the alternative rate and utilization of plant proteins. Heating and extrusion of puffed can reduce some of the plant protein themselves and the bitter taste, improve its deformedness and make the starch and gelatin, the protein secondary chain is short, the antigen substance is better destroyed, more beneficial to digestion absorb. The removal of anti-nutrition factors is mainly removed by physical law, chemical method, and biological method. (2) Chemical methods: Organic solvent extraction, isolation protein and concentrated protein. It is generally removed by an organic solvent (methanol, ethanol, and isopropanol, etc.). Isolation protein (protein separated after sedate under the equipotential conditions) and concentrated protein (organicThe protein obtained after the solvent extraction can only partially remove the anti-nutrient factor, and due to the problem of retaining a considerable part of the anti-nutritional factor and aqueous problem, it is not very high. Although the study of vegetable protein replacement fish powder has more programs, from the current research progress, it is also necessary to conduct in-depth studies in the following aspects: understanding different aquatic animals on the absorption and digestion of crystalline amino acids. The crystal amino acid can be added to the feed to further improve the amount of fish powder; through the mechanism of the action mechanism of the aquatic animal, it is fully removable or denaturation in the protein source to improve the protein. The utilization of the source; continues to develop new and quality and more excellent protein sources, and continuously improve the process of protein source and feed; more importantly, the focus should be transferred from simply increasing replacement to the development of functional feed, Including liver colon, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, improve immunity, etc. to increase the adaptability and quality of aquatic animals.
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