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After entering the summer, with the water temperature, the temperature is increased, the bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites in the water body are quite prosperous, and most of the farmers have parasitic infections, and even due to a large number of parasites. Dead fish. With parasites, you must use a drug, but “insecticidality is risky, it needs to be cautious in medication”! An accident may result in countless deaths in the whole fish pond! Lao Li, who is in Hubei, is said to “die a lot of deaths, pests, 7000 pounds of fish, death 1000 pounds,”

Aquacultine in aquaculture The medicine is “killing a thousand, self-loss 800”! Because common insecticidal drugs are mainly pesticides, heavy metals, formaldehyde, such pesticides not only kill insects, the weather is not good or the amount is not accurate, and it is easy to kill the fish. Moreover, improper use can cause heavy metals in inverter and water, severely break the micro-generation balance in the water body, causing fish to eat, the feed utilization rate is lowered, and may also continue to death after insecticidality. Drug-resistance is also a big problem. After the chemical pesticide, the drug is used to use drugs to increase or rotate other drugs. Once the fish has a parasite, it is impossible to kill clean. Parasites are due to the irritation of the insecticides, it will form a package, then sink into the bottom of the pond, and re-brevde it when the conditions are appropriate. If you kill the insects, the fish may be over.

There is a parasitic explanation that the water environment is destroyed, and the fish has fallen, and there will be a lot of insects, and it will kill it with chemicals! By toroma, reimburse, environmentally-affected, improve immunity, can solve the problem of parasites. With natural deworming effect, eucalyptus essential oils are replaced by chemical insecticides, which can not only effectively solve parasites such as spore insects, mites, but they are harmless to human livestock, no drug disasters, will not have drug resistance, efficient, Safe and reliable. Change the habit of using pesticides, which can improve the environment, and increase the immunity of fish. Yancheng’s old Zhao, the old Zhao, found that the squid in Da Tangkou has had a spores, and some wheelworms and ringworms. He said: After 5 days of Le Chang, the mirror check found that there were no spores and wheels, and there were only one left. Lao Zhao believes that it is usually prevented, and chemical pesticides have no need! Eucalyptus essential oil is not high, safe and reliable, not hurt, and don’t worry about drug disability.
Eucalyptus essential oil – Le Chang deworming program: prevention, each100 kg is 50 grams of music, once every half a month, 5-7 days each time, if you can’t eat, it is slight after dissolving, and the external use is sprinkled, and each 100 grams are sprinkled 4-7 acres. Treatment, after a reduction of two-thirds, add 100g of music every 100 kg, three times a day, and use 3-5 days. The article comes from the official website of Shandong Longxuan.
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