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As my country’s people engaged in aquaculture, there are more and more, and the growth of farming production is rapidly. However, while the increase in production, the safety, efficiency, cost problem, etc. of the aquatic product began to be highlighted. The randamous facilities equipment is behind, the quality problems have hidden dangers, and the aquatic products are in short supply, the benefits continue to decline, these highlight problems are forced to upgrade the transformation of the aquaculture industry.
Water is a survival environment of aquatic product. At present, the secondary pollution in the national aquaculture is very serious, and the amount of feces generated by the freshwater fish to be 1 T is equivalent to the amount of feces of 20 pigs. The annual aquaculture often explosives large-area infectious diseases, reduces production, serious production, direct economic loss reaches billions, often have a farmer’s disaster.

If China’s collection of chemical plant circulating water farming, it is in the case of the existing farming area, the water is unchanged, and the output can be increased by several tens of times, the feed economy, and the annual output. It brings huge economic benefits.

The intensive chemical plant chemical circulating water is so good but why didn’t you start? It is because my country has a low degree of identity, the degree of installation is imperfect, and the technical modernization is not comprehensive and insufficient.

Using factory cultured technology, pre-investment, long recovery, high technical content, high management requirements, wide range of requirements, high risk, this is not a one-piece household, it is difficult to achieve bear. However, the characteristics of factory cultures are just suitable for national investment development, and it is an industry that is suitable for development, industrialization, intensification, and factory development. The development of intensive circulating water plant cultures also drives the needs of mechanical manufacturing, construction, feed, plastics, transportation, catering and other related industries, and increases a lot of employment opportunities, improves my country’s diet, and promotes foreign trade exports. The intensive chemical plant breeding is basically not used fish medicine. The aquaculture is green and polluted, which has made a good foundation for my country’s creation of its well-known brands.
Originally from: Guangzhou Zhonghang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

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