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During the aquaculture process, the water quality treatment effect is directly related to the success or failure of the aquaculture. We often tell “raise water to raise fish”, which fully illustrates the important position of water in the management of aquaculture. In aquaculture, ammonia nitrogen and nitrite are the greatest harm to farming varieties. These two water quality indicators are toxic to fish, and they affect growth, and the important role of harming fish is to reduce this. Two indicators. In the water, ammonia nitrogen is usually present in water in the form of free ammonia or ammonium salt, and the source is mainly decomposed by microbial effects of nitrogen-containing organic substances (fish feces, sludge, etc.). The composition ratio of the two depends on the pH of the water. When the pH is high, the proportion of free ammonia is high; the proportion of ammonium salts is high. In an oxygen aerobic environment, the nitrite present in the water can also be affected by microbial, reduced to ammonia. In aerobic environments, ammonia in water can also be converted to nitrite, and even continuing to transform into nitrate (nitrate non-toxic, can be utilized by aquatic plant, while nitrite is poisonous). When the ammonia nitrogen and nitrite content are high, the fish can exhibit a poisonous effect. Ammonia nitrogen is nutrients in the water body, which can lead to eutrophication in water, and is the main oxygen contaminant in the water body, which is toxic to the fish. Due to fish feces, bait, silt and other substances, there are bottom of the fish pond, and the bottom of the fish in the bottom of the fish in the nitrogen, which is the presence and production of ammonia nitrogen and nitrite created.

In order to reduce the harm of ammonia nitrogen and nitrite on fish, there is economic strength, we recommend the development of circulating water farming, which in line with the development trend of the current aquaculture industry, and circulating water farming not only solves the aquaculture. Soil nitrite, ammonia nitrogen and other issues, and it is conducive to reducing the dependence of farm for high quality water sources. For farmers, pond farmers, we also give some water-water methods: Method 1: Pneumothy zeolite powder reduces the concentration of ammonia nitrogen and nitrite in the water, 20 kg per mu, directly Sprinkle, providing inhalable salt nutrients for water body, promoting the growth of water aquatic plants. Method 2: Splashing the chlorine-containing strong oxidant, directly split the tablet into the water, 200 grams per mu, use strong oxidant to release the principle of new ecological oxygen, transform toxic ammonia nitrogen and nitrite into non-toxic Nitrate.

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