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Summer is high in water, there are many aquaculture diseases, spore insects, anchors, refers to sectors such as nephew, wheelworms. Guangdong Yunfu Liang boss purchased 200 million Luo non-inch seedlings, and the results were carried out. Soon after entering the pond, I found that the fish seedlings were parasitic, and the deaths were more dead. 2 bitter ginseng effect is not very obvious, or dead fish!

Insecticides, improper use of dead fish

Sichuan Yibin Chen boss’s fish float, more than 200 days, two consecutive days, all oxygen generators have no effect, after the water It is found that ammonia nitrogen, ya salt is not high. Inference is the possibility of parasites, and it is found that there are more mucus on the fish, and the microscopic mirror diagnosis is a wheelworm.

The wheels under the microscope

Nanchong boss, the original very much like to use heavy metal insecticides, copper sulfate or copper iron mixture in 5: 2 ratios, used to kill the rotor worm. But he is also very headache. It is easy to use it after use, and the insects have to re-water, calculate the cost is too high, and the weather is not good or the amount is not accurate, and it is easy to kill the fish. Yancheng Zhao boss, there are 2 Tangkou, 200 acres of Datang, 80 mu of Xiaotangkou. At the beginning of June, the squid in Datang has a spore, and some wheelworms and ringworms, concerned with the risk of using traditional pesticides, decided to use eucalyptus essential oil – Le Chang, replacing insecticides with deworming. One ton feed adds 1000 grams of music to make a parent-bait, each feed. After 5 days, Zhao boss detection found that there were no spores and wheels, and there were only one left.


Heavy metal or pesticide such as copper sulfate or pesticide is a traditional insecticidal method in aquaculture. This method of medication is wounded by both fish, also destroying water quality, reducing production benefits, giving breeding Benefits bring greater risks; it will also cause drug residues, bringing safety hazards to consumers, and fighting with our nationally advocated food safety and environmental protection policies. Le Chang’s natural insectica essential oil imported by Australia is made of raw materials, breaking the concept of traditional insecticides, plant components to drive a kill, spore insects in aquaculture, wheeton, pumpkins, Spore insects, anchors, refers to nephew, cilia, etc. have special effects. Eucalyptus essential oils can only reach the purpose of deworming, and reduce the potential risks caused by the use of pesticides. The a year’s 5-7 months and 9-7 months are highSend season, it is recommended that the majority of breeding friends do a good job in preventive work and defend. Do not easily add water to the incidence period, prevent the introduction of radiation buns; high-risk season, use easy to use, add 1000 grams per ton, 10 times per month, each time you use 5-7 days.
Australian Waves

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