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In freshwater fish, refers to a kind of parasites that have great harmful fish. In terms of death, the ring insects can be described as a kill killer in parasites. 12-14mm small fry, when the body is parasitized to 20 to 40 refers to the ring, a large amount of death occurs in 7 to 11 days, and the mortality is even 100%.

The appropriate propagation temperature of the ring insect is about 20 ° C, which is generally wide in the spring and autumn, all over the country, the grass fish, squid, squid, squid, squid, etc. It is especially common in fry and summer flowers.

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The ring of the ring is mainly harming the fish, and any part of the silk can be parasitic. Its hazard is mainly determined by the unique structure of its tail suction cup. The center of the suction cup has pierced the hook into the tissue, and seven pairs of hooks are pierced into epithelial cells, tear tissue, causing tissue damage, resulting in bleeding The respiratory caused by the fish caused the secondary infection of fungi and bacteria, further caused death fish. When you parasitically parasitized, the sick fish sputum mucus increased, and the silk swelling, pale, anemia. The sick fish is open, the breathing is difficult, and the swim is slow.
For ring, traditional breeding, generally, a method of immersing fish species, and toluene, crystalline enemy, and the like. However, due to frequent use of various insecticides, fish is increasingly sensitive to chemical pesticides, and the effect of pesticides is increasingly difficult. The damage and safety problems that use insecticide to fish bodies are more ignored.
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The safety of Chinese herbal medicines and Chinese herbal extracts is that everyone is obvious to be well known. Eucalyptus essential oil preparation – Longchang Le Chang, extract extracted in Australia’s unique small leaf eucalyptus tree with distillation method, rich in natural active ingredients 1,8-eucalyptus, easy to penetrate the biofilm structure of parasites, destroy the stability of parasitic cell membrane, resulting in disorders of parasitic body physical fitness, so that the parasite is removed from the fish. And the natural ingredients of eucalyptus essential oil are easy to biodegradation, non-toxic, non-harmful damage, no water quality, and smooth is a safe, green, non-toxic, non-polluting, no residual new insectormy agent, can be added for a long time.

In the use of the aquaculture line, it can effectively prevent the occurrence of parasites such as ring insects, wheelworms, spore insects each month. When the fish is infected, it can use Le Chang 5-7 days to remove the refers to the refers to the cerrich and restore fish.

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For diseases in aquaculture, we recommend farmers to prevent weight, prevention and treatment, to begin to prevent parasites in the early stage of the culture:

1. Before the pond, Use life lime to clear the pond.

2. Strengthen feeding management, reasonably feed, and reduce the generation of residuality.

3. Take a smooth infestyle egg during 10 ~ 15 days, and prevent parasite breeding.

4. High-risk seasonal tests in time, and early treatment. The article is from the official website of Shandong Longxuan.

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