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Rice shell powder can be one of the crude fiber raw materials for rabbits.
The amount is used in accordance with the different uses and different physiological stages of rabbits. Generally, it is not as appropriate for the rabbit to be small, about 3%; the rabbit (35-60 days), the bunny, 35-60 days, is best not used; the amount of rabbits during pregnancy can be large, 5-8 %, But must pay attention to the quality of rice husk powder, if you do not exceed the standard, don’t be contaminated by mold; the meat rabbit (fat rabbit – 60 – out) of the rice husk can be appropriate 5- 10%, but also pay special attention to the quality of rice shell.
In addition, the rabbits of different varieties are only different on the requirements of rice shell, such as Ira rabbit, and the amount of rice shell is appropriately low than other varieties.
Finally, no matter what raw material, the use process must have an appropriate national period, let the rabbit only adapt, otherwise it will bring the loss that can not make up! !

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