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August 3, 2017 Rex Rabbit Price Area Weight (Ki) Price (Yuan) Shandong Weifang 3-46.5 57.5 Shandong Haiyang Shandong Zouping 3.56. 5 Shandong Rizhao 3.56.5 Shandong Weinan 4- (Pick) Shandong Laiwu 3.56.4 Shandong Pingyi 46.5 Shaanxi Xi’an 46 57 Shaanxi Weinan 4.56.557-7.5 Shanxi Qingxu 56.5 Shanxi 3.26.5 Zhejiang Tongxiang 57-7.5 (Pick) Liaoning Jianchang 4.58.1 (cooperative) Henan Jiyuan 47.5 Henan Luoyang 3.56.5 August 3, 2017 Meat Rabbit Price Area Weight (Kiver) Price (Yuan) Shandong Dezhou 45.4 Shandong Sunshine 3.55.356 Shandong Pingyi 3.55.2 Shandong Liaocheng 45.4 Shandong Zouping 3.55.3 Shandong Weifang 3.55.3 Shandong Anqiu 3.55.3 Chongqing Pengshui 59.3 (Cooperative Community) Shanxi Yugu 48 Shanxi Qingxu 44.5 Mianyang 46.4-6.6 Yunyan, Guizhou 3.56-6.5 Shaanxi Weinan 4-5.55-5.2 Shaanxi Xi’an 3.55.2 Fujian Longyan 4.57.5-8 Liaoning Jianchang 46 (Cooperative Community) Henan Jiyuan 3.55.5 Henan Luoyang 3.55.6 Aksu 4.58 Sichuan Mianyang 3.56.6-6.8 Since the continuous high temperature leads to a significant decline, the resources of live rabbits in Sichuan are beginning to be nervous. Many wholesale live rabbit market began to search for goods. Gradually improve. This offer is from Shandong Weinan Hundreds of Grass Rabbit, Anqiu Xin and Rabbit Industry, Rizhao Hengbang Empress, Zhucheng Ben Ming Rabi Industry, Tengzhou Green Herb Rabbit Industry, Pingyi Xingmin Rabbit, Pingjia Rabbit, Zou Ping Luobao Rabbit, Henan Zhongliang Agriculture, Shaanxi Fuxiang Rabbit, Chongqing Chun信 兔 业, Fujian Sanfeng Rabbit, Shanxi Qingxu Rabbit, Liaoning Green Rabbit Industry, Guizhou Youqi Rabbit, Henan Jiyuan Sunshine Rabbit, Henan Mengjin Sunshine Rabbit, Xi’an Rabbit Institute, etc. For reference only, welcome local rabbit prices! Source: Modern Rabbit “

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