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Auspicious Sanbao · Golden Dragonfly Talk about the fur beast food problem 1. Introduction

Cuisine is a mother Loss the behavior of motherhood, causing the mother and beast to eat their own pups or powerful eating weak. The things that regulate the mother’s sexual care, the behavior is hormone, that is, the prolactin and oligin.

When the feed contains exogenous hormones over the standard (such as a large number of chicken heads, chicken neck, Ankang fish head, mother and beast genital organs and its meat powder, etc.), interfering with endogenous hormones secretion, or due to nutrition Embalators (mainly due to single, defective protein, lack of protein or lack of vitamins), or due to lack of milk, or due to environmental uneasiness (such as noise, odor, etc.), safety is threatened, resulting in the mother and beast I am irritating, playing wild food.

Second, the solutions in the Sino-Songfang expert group dedicated many years of clinical experience. 1,40 days ago, you will see the lottery, especially 15 days ago. If the lack of milk, immediately hit the vapor gland hormone or brain pituitary, the leaf hormone + penicillin, play on a leg, at this time, if there is a lack of phol, it is placed on the other legs to tanrazinate hydrochloride, and do Good and era. 2, increase the proportion of fish eggs, stop the hormone-containing raw material, it is best to add auspicious trumpet, amino acid nutrients and B. The amount is added in accordance with the instructions. 3, control the supreme recipe for the veget: one Wu snake bubble in a pound of 52 degrees, 7 days later, give the food to the food (: 1ml fox: 3ml). 4, timely dividend, use the baby’s milk powder to supplement. 5, reduce the noise and other bad environment, while maintaining the hand and the appliance.

Third, the market is not good, put in low-cost raw materials, easy to make things. Cuisine is only one of the phenomena, such as vaccine epidemic prevention, disease outbreaks, etc., in order to persuade friends, special cheap feed should be used with caution. China Farm Tongchuang, ISO9001 International Quality Certification Enterprise, National High-tech Enterprise!
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