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Miaoli County breeding hairy crabs have been quite successful. In recent years, Australian crayfish is also rising in Miao, and the head house farmers have introduced breeding, and breeding is sold to the mainland. 1 kg can sell 500 yuan, business opportunities unlimited. Therefore, the positive value of the tremendous crabs can also taste the delicious crayfish, let the people are full of mouth.

Fan Xianda, chairman of Miaoli County Hairy Crab Association, said that the market in Australian crayfish is running in the mainland. This year, it has been put more than 50,000 Australian crayfish, and sold to the mainland with seedlings. Its breeding business opportunities up to 100 million.
Miaoli County Tie House Arma Dragon Breeding House, Zhuang Binghui said that the Australian crayfish of the cultivation of meat, special introduction to the clean mountain spring water, and renovates the old pigs, and builds the indoor farm to make Australian crayfish.
Zhuang Binghui planted crayfish in the outdoor pond, planting water hoist, water grass, etc., to the shade of dwarf shrimp, purify the water quality, he emphasized the rapid growth of outdoor growth, while Australian crayfish is about the lunar calendar, heavy reached Three two or so is the most ideal delicious.
“Shrimp seed is quite difficult” Zhuang Binghui said that the crayfish is a serious life threat to each shell. Therefore, the water gourd in the pond is also to provide crayfish when she picking up, and he is still hiding in the indoor shrimp farm, build a shrimp house with plastic water pipe and brick, so as to avoid the shell, the most weak Great crayfish eat. The survival rate of crash is 60%, which is higher than the hairy crabs. Zhuang Binghui hopes that the future will have the original 1-half-range range, to the two, farmed more Australian crayfish, and improve quality.
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