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In the same year, Mother fox has a high appetite, the shape of the survival, the body is large, the hair is pure, and the physical and robust small male fox will focus on the cultivation. Poor, there is a fox of vagin and weak diseases, and raise it with the merchandise that cannot be reserved, and the skin is mature. 518 Aquaculture Technology Network Tip: In the usual management, you must often check the appetite, feces, spiritual, physical condition, etc. of the full fox group, and find problems in time, and take effective measures in time.
After the child’s fox is breast, don’t immediately reduce the feeding standards, at least 20 days of lactation feeding standards, the mother fox and the mother-in-law, the mother-in-law, the quality of the milk quality, should be specially raised At noon, it is necessary to feed the fresh fish or milk egg feed. It is necessary to change the feeding standards for the justified neck, first feeding, quantify, quantitatively, 3 times a day, so that the voyager will slowly adapt to the independent life, then take some feed, not limited, but not waste, The principle of unscolled food is also called “supporting large hanger” feeding method. In the diet, grain feed is mainly with animal feed, and we can save the investment of animal feed costs, and make it full of eating, the body is long to maximum. The diet formula is 48% of various animal feeds, and the fat of the animal is 2%, the corn flour occupies 35%, the wheat bran is 5%, the soybean powder occupies 5%, and various vegetables account for 5%, while adding in the feed Squit of salt, bone powder, oxytes powder, vitamins A, B, C, E, etc.
To use the vaccination of canine disease, viral hepatitis, viral enteritis, encephalitis and other vaccination, and dispelled in vannies in vivo in vivo in vitro drugs to prevent various conditions and infectious diseases happened. Since in mid-November, the goods are killed, and the foxes who have kept species into the winter prepare for breeding management.

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