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Each time is more than the time, it may burst into disease. The sudden reduction in temperature is only stress, and many times is also demand to prevent problems, rather than waiting to have problems, and think of treatment, pig farm The most important reason for the problem is that pig immunity is relatively low, and it is easy to infect various diseases.

Today, I will tell you some problems in autumn pigs to pay attention, I hope that everyone will pay attention.

1. Cold warm warm

A lot of diseases happen when it is cold, in order to keep warm, the disease is easy to spread, In addition, it is cold, and cough will be more, it is a typical group-haired disease. Once the incidence is the problem of the entire pig farm.

Therefore, we must do a good job of protective measures, do a good job, prevent the wind, prevent moisture, and you can do the temperature in the house, pay attention to the combination of warming and ventilation, small pigs are afraid of cold, big pig is afraid of heat Need to pay attention to breeding.

2. Adding energy feed

Strictly prevent mildew feed. In the case of cold, pigs need more energy, to adjust the formula, add nutrients, increase the amount of feeding, adding corn, can be more suitable for pig growth needs.

There are many rain in autumn, and the feed is very easy. It is placed in fresh corn. It has already had a mold toxin. It is still used to see the mold toxin. When the naked eye can be seen in moldy, it is very serious to eat, and it is very serious, and it is not properly stored, and the nitrite is formed, and pig poisoning does even lead to suffocation.

3. Pay attention to the air quality

Autumn is still mainly based on control temperature, but still pay attention to ventilation, sunny, more ventilation, rainy days Less ventilation, 10:00 pm is the best time for ventilation, it is best to open a vents in the roof, the time division needs to be opened, and it is not necessary to turn off.

4. Pay attention to the epidemic, strengthen hygiene disinfection

According to the epidemic characteristics of infectious diseases, the autumn is prone to large-scale infectious diseases, focusing on blue ear disease, swine fever Pseudoal, flu, biographyDye-stained chestns pneumonia, cleaning a pig house every day, sterilizing three days, ensuring the health of the pig farm, and the incidence will also reduce it accordingly.

5. Pay attention to the pig house temperature

Autumn pigs is a gold season, enter September, the temperature difference between day and night, the basic temperature difference is about 10 ° C. Piglets should pay attention to keep warm at night, pay attention to cold and frozen, should take appropriate measures to control the temperature in the pig house, especially control the most suitable temperature of the sow and piglets.

At the same time, due to keep warm, pay attention to strengthen the wind moisture, the air pollution of the feces, police prevent ammonia, but ventilation should be moderate, do more ventilation, rainy days, time To make a ventilation when the temperature is high, the specific adjustment is moderately adjusted, and it is generally high at 10 o’clock to 15 pm.

For the traditional pig factory, the above payments must pay attention to the workload will continue to increase, and the consumption of pig daily necessities will also increase. If the fermented bed is used to raise pigs Don’t worry about these problems, the fermented bed self-work can provide calories for piglets, and can clean up feces in time, save a lot of labor costs, and prevent pig colds.

6. Strengthening health disinfection and cleaning disinfection

In the fall, pigs should also strengthen the sweeping and disinfection work inside and outside the pig house, clean up a circle every day, 3 It has been disinfected once, and it is possible to effectively inhibit harmful bacteria to breed, eliminate the rodents, promote pig growth, and raise the column in advance.

7. Potating pigs parasitic disease

A wide variety of porcine parasites, 蛔蛔, 蚧, toda, coccidi, etc. The autumn weather is humid, and it is a period of active and serious hazards.

Do a good job in the anti-insecticormy insectormy in pigs is one of the important measures to improve the autumn economic efficiency of the pig farm.

8. Pay attention to epidemic prevention, prevention and treatment of autumnal disease

Due to the rain in autumn, the temperature is more varied, it is easy to induce pigs, according to infectious diseases Popularity, autumn pigs are prone to large-scale infectious diseases, so the important importance of pig pigs in autumn is meticulotient in accordance with the epidemic prevention procedures.Work.

Key epidemic prevention foot-and-mouth disease, pig lung disease, swine fever, pigs, pig pneumonia, swine flu, etc. Sexual gastroenteritis – diarrhea and so on.

If used, there are many beneficial microbial flora in fermentation beds to inhibit the breeding of harmful bacteria, which avoids the occurrence of infectious diseases.

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