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The influenza is mainly due to serious damage, and there is a large amount of “influenza virus” in a long time in the environment. As long as climate mutations (temperature changes), improper management, there will be flus and even popular.
The main stress factors are: (1) Climate stress: high temperature and high humidity, etc.. (2) Environmental factors: strong light, poor ventilation, air turbidity, ammonia gas. (3) Nutritional stress: protein, insufficient vitamin, insufficient feed, water shortage, etc. (4) Growth stress: It is too fast. (5) Physical stress: grasp chicken, transfer group, immune, etc. (6) Group sex: large density, uniformity, etc. (7) Psychotic disease: fright, rude management, etc. (8) Toxic diseases: mold toxin poisoning, drug poisoning, etc. (9) Disease stress: infectious factors, immunosuppressive diseases, conditions for pathogenesis.
Preventive measures
1 ventilation
The key to the success of the chicken is the good ventilation ventilation, the air is the best medicine, keep the chicken fresh air, is the basic conditions of the health of the chicken.
Ventilation principle: 20 days ago mainly in thermal insulation, pay attention to proper ventilation (careful ventilation), depending on the amount of oxygen demand, 21 ~ 35, suitable ventilation, 36 days after age Ventilation cooling is main, increase ventilation. In addition, different seasons have different temperatures, to treat, flexible changes separately.
2 Temperature Management
Temperature management is the foundation. The first week: temperature should be based on 3 cm below 30 to 33 ° C, and the whole house cannot be less than 30 ° C. The second week: The temperature is granted three degrees per week with the back of the chicken, falling 0.4 ~ o. 5 ° C per day, down to 21 ° C for 35 days, and the age of 35 is reduced to 21 ° C, after 35 days The variation ranges from 19 to 24 ° C. 22 ~ 24 ° C is the temperature of the best performance of broilers. Observe and record it every day, watch chicken is constructed. According to the flock distribution, the temperature is adjusted, and the pile is cold, and the side is hot. Full of starry distribution, 20% ~ 30% of the mouth is the best, the temperature difference between the chicken house does not exceed 2 degrees, the black sky is higher than the day, the chicken is in the case of a high degree of normal temperature, and the weather is turned to cool the temperature. In the dark state, it is more than an increase in normal temperature, and excessive temperature difference is a guide that causes the pathogenesis of the chicken.
3 To pay attention to the management of humidity, density and lighting in the house
The emergence of early chick respiratory symptoms and the tracheal embolism and humidityDirect relationship. In addition, humidity is related to chicken growth, heat dissipation, and should be highly valued. The absorption of yolk is also inseparable from the appropriate humidity, and the humidity will lead to a chicken group to induce the gland inflammation. The cold and humidity will cause respiratory disease. 1 to 10 days of age humidity of 60% ~ 70%, 11 ~ 30 days age 55 % ~ 60%, 31 to 45 days of age of 50%. Extreme range: 40% and 75%. It can’t be over 75%, and it is less than 40% low.
15 to 16 per square meter, 13 ~ 14 chickens, 10 to 12 large chickens. The first week is 30 ~ 40, the second week of 20-30, the third week is 15 ~ 20, the fourth week is 10 ~ 15, and the fifth week is completely released. The density of the feeding is too large, which is easy to cause respiratory infection, and the density is too small to inspect.
4 Lighting Management
The light source device is high from the chicken, the spacing is 4 meters, and there are two kinds of intermittent light and continuous light.
(1) Intermittent light: 1 day old 24 hours light; 40 watt bulb, 2 ~ 7-Tour 22 hours light, 30 watt bulb; 8 ~ 20 days old 18 hours, 10 tile light bulbs; 21 days old to the column In addition to 1 hour a day, to 23 hours, the intensity 5-10 watt light bulb, 20 watts of bulbs in a week.
(2) Continuous illumination: 1 ~ 3 days of age 24 hours light, 4 hours to the 8-hour photo.
In addition to doing a good job in daily management, it is necessary to pay attention to daily disinfection, immunization and other prevention measures:
1 Strengthen health management, eliminate infectious sources,
Design disinfection procedures, institutionalize, standardize. At least three times in the empty period, first rinse after disinfection. After seven days, disinfect it once, and then disinfect once three days before. With chicken and disinfection, the first week, twice in the second week, once a day after three weeks! Two times a day! Environmental disinfection, 1 ~ 2 times a week, the vehicle enters and exits the disinfection pool, put an end to outsider Enter, non-enter, must be disinfected.
2 Strengthen isolation protection, cut off the propagation path
Adhere to the whole process of full, strengthen the management of the empty class. The whole process is the first biosafety measures (especially the cell), isolating is the most effective way to control infectious diseases. Keep a certain empty bar time, do a good job in disinfection work in the empty bar, and is critical to the next batch of chickens. Under normal circumstances, after 15 days after the batch of chickens, they can enter a batch of chickens. If the top batch of chicken hairLife infectious diseases, it is recommended to isolate for 30 days. The steering time is from the first time to disinfect it before the chicken, the effect is different for 10 days and 20 days. The longer the cycling time is, the longer the temperature.
3 Do a good harmless treatment of chicken manure and dead chicken
To set the disease chicken, find that the diseased chicken should be isolated in time, the chicken without feeding is eliminated in time, and the death chicken is going away from the chicken. Deeply buried. Chicken manure should take a timely pull or pull away after fermentation.
4 Do a good job in preventive health care
broiler prevention work, should be placed three major bacteria in the age of 20 (E. coli, mycoplasma, Salmonella), respectively, at 1 ~ 5 days, 9 ~ 12 days, high-sensitive antibiotics are used for 15 to 20 days. Pre-preserving E. coli, mycoplasma, mediation anti-virus, conditioning intestines, health work mainly surrounds immunity and release body immunosuppression, can use Chinese medicine, cod liver oil, Vc, and dermin in different stages.
5 infected, doing three early (early discovery, early treatment, early treatment)
Through five observations (feeding capacity, drinking water, mental state, feces, mortality). Early discovery problem, timely diagnosis , Timely medication! Discover late, medication is not timely, easy to cause mixed infection.
6 Develop a suitable local immunity process, do a good job in vaccination
Vaccine immunity is an economic effective method for preventing major infectious diseases (new city disease, flu, back branch, and Fahsopathy). The development of the immune procedure should be developed according to the epidemic of local diseases. Avoiding influenza diseases should also do a good job of immune in new city disease, and the new city disease antibody will cause immunity to decline, and it will also cause flu.

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