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I. System Overall Structure Design (1) System Function 1. Implementation of the Monitoring Automatic Water Monitor has the best on-site use effect, can automatically, continuous monitoring, data remote transmission, can query the water quality of the site data. This has far-reaching social benefits and economic benefits for solving problems such as current water quality, labor intensity, large data acquisition, transmission speed. The advancement is that on the WeChat public number can display live data in real time. When the instrument fails, the alarm function will remind the user and inform the failure.
2. Implementation of water quality abnormal warning forecasts Water quality warning forecast After the past, the passive situation in which water quality information can be learned. This function realizes automatic alarm or response to the deterioration of water quality in the water quality. It suffers from unnecessary, fully reflects the superiority of water quality integrated management. This is of great significance for preventing further development of pollution events.
3. Online inquiry of water quality information, water quality, automatic monitoring system, promotes computer networking, reform environmental quality and pollution source report, accelerating water environment monitoring technology to unified, standardized development, realizing wire quality information online query, analysis, chart Show, print, etc., realize comprehensive evaluation of water environment, and quickly provide scientific basis for leadership decisions. [2] (2) The overall structure design is divided into server and client, and the server is mainly managed by the user’s information, data analysis. The client is a user query to obtain information, send instructions, and location. 1) The server-side server is the center of the information management. The server stores the user’s information, the water quality monitor number, and the like, the user uses feedback information, the water quality monitoring data, the server will statistically form a curve chart. Feedback Give the user, give the user to the most direct observation. 2) The client client can be divided into the PC side and the mobile terminal, the mobile side is more suitable for information modification, data viewing. The mobile terminal is suitable for the control of the water quality monitor, which is convenient to carry, and can observe the changes in data at any time. The mobile phone is easily carried by the PC side, and the data monitored by the water quality monitor can be viewed anytime, anywhere.

Water quality monitoring system consists of data acquisition unit, wireless data transmission unit, cloud storage unit, water quality monitoring background, and mobile phone WeChat public account. The sensor detects the water quality parameters and passes through the renewal.To the water quality monitoring instrument displays the WiFi module in the water quality monitoring instrument, and then transfer to the Ali Cloud platform through the WiFi module to be stored in the water quality monitoring, and then display it on the WeChat public number.
(3) System hardware design hardware system mainly includes controllers, American hash temperature / solubox sensors, pH measuring sensors, WiFi modules, power modules, and renewal modules, etc. The system data acquisition device has not established a wireless sensing network, and the collected data is stored directly to the Internet of Things cloud platform, and the data transmission is shortened, and the data reliability is improved. Hardware design has an outsourcing staff to complete design.

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