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Source: 2016 Lehman Assembly (PDF)
Author: Mark Mombarg
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target batch management: Implement stricter full-time, conservation, fertilizer period, batch isolation, to maximize the use of childbirth, and produce healthier pigs.
1, what is batch management?

Each batch fixed for 2-3 days for sows and rear sows for artificial insemination. It is widely used in Europe and the United States that Asia is increasing. It can be produced according to a batch of 1-2-3-4-5 weeks. Benefits: economic, planning, animal health. Develop a batch management plan according to the number of birth houses (+ care hooks / fattening houses), first formulate plans, and then implement the plan.
2, how to conduct batch management?

Determine the number of sows that need to be artificially inseminous in the amount of childbirth in the amount of childbirth sow, the number of batch sows is required to obtain the amount of childbirth sow. Weekly fixed day to weaned milk mother pig (or 2/3/4/5 weeks). Add the required number of reserve sows (have been synchronized through oral tetrakenone) to this batch. The following data is calculated as an example of 1800 sows for reference.

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3, the five major advantages of batch management

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Five aspects: The delivery bar is fully utilized, effectively utilized the backpass, the human cost savings, the disease is reduced Provide more commodity pigs.

The size of the population can provide more commercial pigs to produce more piglets and fattening pigs. And prices have higher contact with externalities (such as transport trucks) infection diseaseRisk reduction. Therefore, it is especially suitable for small and medium-sized pig farms (

to make full use of childbirth bar delivery, the most expensive facilities of the pig farm, if not strict planning, there will be a phenomenon in the delivery bar. The air delivery column will become very high. Opportunities cost.

Effective use of the rear sows Oral tetrane female has reached synchronous: according to the pig farm plan, the price is low (less resell of mother pigs and feed expenditure) Shot age extension: actual conception age Close to the scheduled age.

Human advantage has the main work of the plan and division of the pig farm (eg artificial insemination), especially labor-saving. Resource optimization configuration: better arrange experienced employee put into the most important work (Active impact on reproductive period) Example: Batch management for improving the positive impact of working quality

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3-week batch production, the birth rate increased from 86% in 2015 to 92% in 2017 ( Zhejiang, 2017)

For the active impact of internal biological safety, the batch production is strictly complied with the whole process, and the growth rate is isolated in the growth stage. Reduce the incidence of regional diseases. In addition, the age difference between piglets in the group Sexuality.

The likelihood of pathway infection infection and disease is determined by the microbial environment of the animal / pig house / pig farm, or is determined by the type and frequency of contact with an infected animal / pig house / pig farm. The possibility of batch management, animal contact, staff, transport truck, other equipment, wind and feed propagation are all from weak.

External biological safety

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Internal Biology Safety


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The general progress of all-in-one reducing the most easily infectious disease contact: Animals interconnected. Batch production makes the whole process of realization.

On this basis, the pig house adopts hygiene measures to further strengthen the positive impact of internal biological safety.

Therefore, batch production can produce a healthier pig!

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