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In a batch production, the production in order to ensure maximum use of the bed, it The efficiency of the breeding is required to remain constant. The process of breeding is full of unpredictable events, and it is unrealistic to complete each batch. In order to improve the overall reproductive performance of the sow in order to improve the utilization of the mother pigs, improve the health level of pigs, reduce the cost of the whole vaccine and drugs, for those who have not yet estrus for 220 days. Pigs and long-term emotional emotional sows, to make it normal into the group, the necessary tests must be performed in the early stage to get the data in this field, and recommend the following scheme design.

1, 220 days without estrus, post-preparation mother pig batch production mode:

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1, picking 220 – 230 days or weight 120-130 kg without estrus record, ranging from 0.4% allyl pregnancy for 18 days.
2, allyl pregnancy is fixed at 15 o’clock a day, feeding a gun, fed 4 ml / head.

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3, stopping the drug 42 hours, that is, the 20th day of injectionPregnancy, interval 104 hours, that is, the first 15th episode for 24 days. Caution.

4, the use of boars normally after injection, 2 times a day, each contact time is not less than 15 minutes. A total of 4 days of tradition.

5, two days of autographs, the proportion of proportion of early breeding is 20-30%. The proportion of delayed breeding is no more than 5%.

6, normal secondary breeding requirements 100% breed.

Second, the batch production mode of the production of the dairy sow:

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1, this program applies to sows that are weaned during 21-28 days, and the sows exceeding the time period must adopt additional treatment;

2, it is recommended to break everything on Thursday, 17 o’clock on Friday, 17 o’clock on Tuesday, 17:00 and 9 points on Wednesday.

3, after weaning, use the boar to two.


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4, twice a day, the proportion of breeding in advance is 20-30%. The proportion of delayed breeding is no more than 5%.
5, Tuesday, 100% of the breeding.

Third, long-term non-estrous emotional sows (including over-age reserve):

The handler basically has a sow , Just change the weaning time to injection 1Kang, happy pregnancy treatment is equal.

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Fourth, batch production pre-test plan design:

1 28 days), a batch one week.

2, used in one of the production lines in one of the production lines, and continuously uses the 3-4 weeks of trial effect and record.

3, the first batch: the long-term non-estrus sow (20 heads) complement to the weaning pigs, respectively.

4, the second batch: the reserve sow thereof (20 heads) supplemented to the weaning pigs, respectively.

5, third, fourth batch of normal tomani pigs use and record.

6. After normal estrus, the sow is used to perform the timing lifetime after using allyl pregnancy, and two batch and observation effect are used continuously.

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The test design is as follows: (recommended that mobile phone users have passed through)

Restoration records

膘 膘










Remarks 1, A: Spotting B: Do not eat C: Outer red swelling D: Diarrhea E: Enditis F: Abdominal breathing G: cough. 2, feeding time 15 o’clock a day. 3, once a day, 5ml each time.









9 o’clock in the morning

Using boar traits

Breeding 1 17:00

Breeding 2 9:00

Bring 3 9 o’clock

Remarks 1, A: Static Lille B: Outer Redness C: Vulvar without change D: injection bleeding E: Enditis F: Sick G: Do not eat 2, time record 333. 3, working hours are 9 points and 15 points. 4, a stretched pig appears in advance, and records 333.








During delivery

Weaning 17 points

Hi-pregnant at 17 o’clock

boar is trammed

Bring 1 17:00

Breeding 3 9

↓ on

↓ on

Remarks 1, A: Static Lille B: Outer Red Seminker C:Vulvar no change D: injection bleeding E: Enditis F: Sick G: Do not eat 2, record 333. 3, working hours are 9 points and 17 points. 4, a stretched pig occurs in advance 24h, record 333.

Note: The data obtained in each field trial can be used as a reference rate and the reference rate of the fetal rate and the estrusual success parameter of the same period.

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