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The author: Han Chunmei Zhou Qinghua artificially high (1. College of Animal Science and Technology, Tarim Land Reclamation University, Aksu 843300, China; 2 Department of Animal Liberation Army Quartermaster University of Science and Technology, Jilin Changchun 130062, China)
Abstract: Choose a 2-4 pregnancy-aged sow, divided into 2 groups. The control group (65) does not do any treatment, the test group (67 heads) is divided into pregnancy 112D group (34) Heads) and 113D groups (33 heads). The above test group sows were separately treated with chlorine pre-elevated alcohol (0.1 g / l). As a result, the interval of chlorine before the start of childbirth, the 112D group was 28.72 h, and the 113d group was 23.36 h, and the difference between the 2 groups was significant (p 0.05); while the day delivery rate was significantly different from the X inspection, The 112,113d groups were 61.76% and 78.78% of sows in daytime, while the control group was only 46.15% (P <0.05).112d组,113d组母猪的生产成绩,死胎率分别为2.27%和2.08%比对照组低1.82%,2.01%(P 0.05); 20 days of neck weight, the 112D group was 33.56kg than the control group low 1.98kg. The 113D group was 1.77kg higher than the control group (P> 0.05); the weight of the weaned milk was 8.14 kg of 8.14 kg from the control group 0.27kg, 113d group was 0.85kg (P> 0.05) The results show that chloroene olegol can effectively control the childbirth time in the daytime, reduce the dead rate, shorten the production, and improve the production of sows, in which 0.5 ml of chloro alklene is good in the pregnancy.

Keywords: chlorine; sow; childbirth

Document marker: A article number: 1005-4545 (2000) 06-0605-03

Foreign foreign countries, using chlorine pre-alkyl alcohol to control sow, so that the pork childbirth is easy to manage, has become a relatively successful way, and also promotes the productivity of the sow. In order to study the application effect of chlorinated alkenol at the site, we studied different gestational days from January 27, 1999, and studied different gestational days, and hormone dose injection on sow were produced and produced into sow in Xinjiang Aksu City.The effect of performance.

1.1 Pharmaceutical chloroquin is a Shanghai family planning product, purchased from the Institute of Animal Husbandry, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and 0.1g / L. Every day, 9: 00-10: 00 Pig Early Rolls.

1.2 Test Pigs and Test Plan Choose 2-4 State Age Aging Silver 132. The test group 67 is divided into 2 groups, Pregnancy 112D injection of chlorine pre-amnyl alcohol (referred to 112d group) 34 head, 21 ml of chloroene alcohol dose of 1 ml / head, 13 heads of 0.5 ml / head; pregnancy 113D injection (called 113d group) 33 head, dose 1ml / 18 heads of heads, 15 heads of 0.5ml / head. The control group 65.

1.3 Record items and statistical methods to record the extribute period, injection time, childbirth period, mother sow neck, number of deaths, the number of young pigs, the number of young pigs, 20 days old And the number of heads, 35 days of size weaning, weight, daytime, childbirth, childbirth, 7: 30-21: 00, working time), sow, estrus time interval and head after weaning. And X test results for statistical analysis.

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2. The result of chlorine preceding alkenol on the childbirth of the sow is known from Table 1, different processing groups Division analysis was significantly different from the analysis of variance (P
0.05). The daytime delivery rate 112d group and 113d group were 61.76% and 78.78%, respectively, respectively, and the control group was 46.15%, and the X test was tested. (P
2.2 Chloro-lucitrin induction impact on sow production results From Table 2, the number of numerals of the nodules is 10.45 heads, 9.09 more than 9.09 heads, more than 113d more than the 113D group. 8.48 more than 1.97 heads, 113D is 0.61 more than the control group. It is better to 0.5 ml / head from the dose, but the dead rate is slightly higher. The dead rate is 112D.Group, 113d groups were 1.82%, 2.01%, respectively, with X test, and had a very significant difference (P <0.05).从不同剂量上看,各组以0.5ml/头剂量效果较好.
primary neck weight, 112d group was 11.56kg, 0.08kg higher than the control group; 113D The group was 10.55kg, 0.07kg.20 days lower than the control group, and the 112D group was 33.56kg lower than the control group 3.97kg; 113D group ratio control group high 1.76kg.35 days of chamber milk body weight, 112d group 8.14kg The 113D group was 0.27kg lower than the control group 0.85kg than the control group. None of the above indicators of the above indicators (P> 0.05). <0.01).

Table 1 Different processing pairs Influence of pig delivery

Group dose treatment header / head treatment to childbirth interval / H processes / h during the day delivery rate /% points

112D0.5ml head 13
3427.99 ± 7.382.78 ± 1.7276.921ML head 2129.19 ± 7.513.37 ± 2.2152.38 average
28.72 ± 2.363.08 ± 2.0361.76

113D0.5ML head 15
3319.67 ± ± 14.491.1 ± 1.1286.601ml Head 1824.22 ± 7.992.70 ± 2.1372.20 Average
23.36 ± 9.002.31 ± 1.8078.78 Control
3.01 ± 2.2546.15
Note: A, B difference is extremely significant (P

Table 2 Different treatment on the results of sow on the production of sow <0.01);c,d,e差异显著(P<0.05)

Group dose treatment number / head nest production live bore / head dead fetter / Head dead rate /% new weight / KG20 day old nest weight / kg weaning weight / KG

112D0.5ml/ head 1310.46 ± 2.5053.5511.748.36 ± 1.081 ML / head 2110.45 ± 2.7831.4411.70 ± 2.8430.69 ± 13.367.99 ± 1.09 average
10.45 ± 2.6382.2711.56 ± 2.7533.56 ± 15.398.14 ± 1.07

113D0.5ML / head 159.13 ± 2.0742.8411.06 ± 3.1535.63 ± 8.968.96 ± 0.601 ml / head 187.994 ± 2.3021.3510.12 ± 3.7643.22 ± 9.419.43 ± 1.25 average
8.48 ± 2.5662.0810.55 ± 3.4839.3. ± 10.019.04 ± 1.04 Control
659.09 ± 2.48254.0911.48 ± 3.0237 .53 ± 11.268.41 ± 1.57
A, discussion

A, from the overall test result, chlorine pre-elevated alcohol can effectively control the childbirth time of sows, an average of about 78% sow Controlled during daytime, and can concentrate all sows at 14-34 hours after injection, greatly alleviate the labor intensity, improve the survival rate and nest of the primary piglet.
B. Injection of chlorine in this experiment has a promotion of estrus effects. The weaning of the weaning of the test group is significantly higher than the anti-milk after weaning, and it is obvious.
C. All of this test is passed through the sow, and the effect of chlorine pretreal alcohol on the initial production of the sows is still in further study.
D, this test in the pregnancy 113d injection of chloroene alkenyl alcohol 0.5 ml / head overall effect is better than other test groups and control groups, it is recommended to use the pre-chloro-olester alcohol according to 50 micrograms of dosage per sow. Good.
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