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With the promotion and application of the large-scale production model, batch production is also delivered. This paper introduces the advantages and disadvantages of batch production, expounding the advantages of batch production in pig production, batch production enables the pig farm to be systematic, standardized.

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Batch production is to change the original continuous production management model every day, and change the work of breeding and childbirth, and change the production work in a centralized period of time. There is rule that the level of disease caused by traditional consecutive feeding methods can be fully blocked. Pig house management uses full-time full-time, although all production stages are in the same pig farm, but due to the implementation of batch production, different batch pigs will never mix, basically each pig house is one Only the pig farm can be changed to 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 weeks, and the isolation and epidemic prevention measures are strictly enforced. Pigs in different production stages (such as different segments such as breastfeeding, breastfeeding, incubation, growth fattening, etc.) are only in different pig houses, and the use of full-time all-in-one can block the disease in pigs. Level propagation.

1.1 Improve the health level of pigs

Because the batch is only non-mixed, parallel, pigs should be reduced Different aged pigs are only raised in spaced space, which can effectively prevent horizontal infection, block the spread of diseases, and increase the health level of pigs.

Why is the pig farm grow more and more? The reason may be multifaceted, but in terms of feeding management, due to poor feeding management, pigs have too much feeding density, and pigs with different batches or aged pigs are mixed together, which is easy to cause epidemic. Summer high temperature and high humidity is easy to heat, winter low temperature is prone to colds and rheumatism, high humidity is prone to skin diseases, and the harmful gas content in the air tends to responded diseases; Directance creation conditionsMicroorganisms breed a lot.

1. Reduce preventive drugs

Batch production can produce a porcine group in health, and compared with continuous feeding mode, the use of preventive drugs can be reduced, and the pig is only There is a significant improvement in daily gains, feed efficiency, mortality and medication costs.

1.3 Save employee working hours, reduce the cost of pigs

Batch production will need to be implemented every day or every week, it is concentrated in a short time, saving employees. Working hours, improve pig farm management efficiency. You can change the status quo of the pig farm has no centralized holiday, which makes the daily work have planned and presence. Planning production allows workloads to be relatively concentrated, can reduce personnel costs, and can mobilize employees or hire temporary workers. Batch production is best to do every batch of childbirth is completed in 3 days. In this short period of time, there is a large number of sows at the same time, and each childbirth sow is in a average breastfeeding pig, cross-foster is relatively easy, and you can use the pregnancy After the sow is available in 2 to 3, the remaining pigs use only prostaglandins (PGF2α) to give birth to the sow. On the same time, pigs were only in the same time, and the immunity is consistent, and even until the pig is only available, the whole batch of meat pigs is better, and the price can be 0.2 yuan / kg. In addition, a large number of breeds must be used to use deep extensive technology to cope with a large number of semen demands, which will also reduce the boar in the number of raises, can be bought to large semen supply centers, and use excellent fresh semen in the outsourcing, or countless pig farms. Sharing excellent boar semen, co-purchasing excellent breeding boars, reducing production costs.

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Feed efficiency, drinking water (10%) and consumption (4%) monitoring, pre-knowledge of health

In a good clean feeding environment, pathogen hazard Under the very low condition, pigs grow speed, the listing can be greatly shortened; but the more clean the environment, the more you should pay attention to biological safety, otherwise the risk of illness is higher. In the disease pathogenUnder the low concentration, the feed of pigs eat only, only a small amount of converted into immunized substances, protein can completely digest and absorb, improve feed efficiency, and reduce production costs.

Between batches, pig house is good, environmental temperature and ventilation are easy to control, nutritional demand can be raised according to different age of agreed or pigs, provide the best formula, reduce feed Waste of nutrition. Drinking water and consumption can be monitored in batches or units individually, and you can predict that pigs are only healthy, and the pig is pre-prevention of pigs. The air bar time between batches is easy to control, the maintenance of the pig house hardware, cleaning and disinfection can be carried out, providing clean industries to the new batch pigs. The main breeding techniques and human resources can be concentrated in breeding, childbirth and childbirth, focusing on the most important places of the pig farm, making the entire pig farm have greatly improved.
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In summary, batch production can reduce the probability of swine only, improve feed utilization, improve pig farm management efficiency, and improve the economic benefits of the pig farm.

2, the shortcomings of batch production

2. Dish sow

The lack of external stimuli after the lack of sows and lack of love sows, may not be estrus within the time required Therefore, more from the astigmatism is required to reduce the appearance of the delivery air bar, and the target goal can be achieved. At the same time, the possibility of excessive pregnant mother pigs will increase.
2.2 Boar semen

Due to the concentration of breeding time, the use of pigs is weak, and the use of artificial insemination technology and many friendly pig farms can be used to overcome. The weekly medium-term breeding (after Wednesday) may cause sows to give birth on weekends, if the traditional continuous feeding mode is changed to batch production, the initial price can be reduced, and then due to increased production rate and the decrease in medical expenses, the income is very fast Restore. Some delayed or advanced delivery in the sow, will increase the mutation of the age and body weight in the dairy pigs. Small bodies, dual pickles, due to the problem of epidemic isolation, noIt can be left to leave the lower price, which will increase the number of eliminated pigs.
2.3 Batch work

When the work arrangement is not appropriate, the workload is sometimes too large, causing poor work quality. The number of batch breeds may cause production and assessment if the number of batches is not adjusted, or the birth rate suddenly changes. Batch production mode Its birth bed is increased than the amount of demand for traditional continuous mode, and because the batch belongs to different registered units, ventilation control equipment and pig farm area utilization rates are relatively increased, and the cost of construction and hardware is relatively high.
3, from the traditional pig farm to produce transformation to the transformation of the batch

3.1 Batch interval time Selection

Each batch is determined in accordance with the profile and each pig house At the interval, the large pig farm has a lot of a lot of production, but after the breasts are not batch, it is not batch, as long as the conservation and fattening part of the batch isolation can improve the status. The small pig farm can choose between 2, 3 or 5 weeks (Table 2), if considering the estrus cycle of the entire pig, it is recommended that the small pig farm uses 3 weeks agadly.
3.2 The number of birth beds and delivery houses

The number of birth beds and delivery houses determines the number of sow in each batch of sow, is also related to the number of raised pigs, different The batch of budget should have obvious isolation measures.
3.3 Delivery rate

The franchise of various pig farms is different, and the results of winter and summer will also be different. Therefore, as the federal delivery rate of the field will determine the number of sows to match the number of sows in accordance with the needs of childbirth units (ensuring full bed for delivery).

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3.4 Boat utilization

The number of heads of the pork will be reduced because of batch production, consider sharing boars with surrounding friendly pig fields , Jointly fundraising to buy excellent breeding boars; deep extension technology is a must-have technology (whether there is conditional?Skilled?), Only the conditional pig farm can carry out this work, otherwise there will be hundreds of damage without anything!
3.5 Rear Supply Sorry Chinens
Source and quantity of the rear sow should be planned in advance, consider the purchase or its own reproduction. If you want to enter the production of a pig group, you should observe at least 1 estrus cycle. After the basic immunity is done, then enter the breeding pig group, grasp the estrus cycle of the backpass, can reduce the cost of estrus.

3.6 Staff The batch work is concentrated, and the technical manpower should be adjusted or trained in advance, and the technical manpower is put into the most important breeding, childbirth and childbirth.

4, production mode

Production process design is shown in Table 1. Table data needs to be fill out in accordance with the real-in-line real specific, digital change fill in the reason, can be clear to the relevant batch to find out the cause, and can correct errors in a timely and accurate way.

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Batch part of the basic production parameter setting is shown in Table 2.

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1) Can be a mother pig: 500 weapon, weaning age: 28 days, sow, childbirth rate: 88%, sow turnover rate: 2.3 nest / year. 2) Silosa breeding cycle: 114 days of pregnancy, 28 days of breastfeeding, sow, non-production day 17 d, total 159 d.

3) The number of pigs in each stage: year production 2.3 fetus / head; the number of people in the production is 11 / child; 0 ~ 5 weeks old breeding rate is 95%; transfer 10.45 head / nest; 6 ~ 10 weeks old breeding rate 97%, transferred into 10 heads of fatteningWo; 11 ~ 24 week old breeding rate of 98%, 9.8 head / nest; each sow is provided with average year of breeding pig 9.8 × 2.3 = 22.5. 4) Determine the number of breeding sows per week: The total number of years of total production is 500 × 2.3 = 1 150 nest; for 52 weeks, the number of low-yards per week 1 150/52 = 22 窝; weekly At the number of mother pigs, it is: 22 / 0.8 8 = 25; so that 25 heads can be guaranteed 24 sows per week. Each production link is only “full” – 25 sows with a variety of sows per week, 22 sows entering the pregnancy room, 22 pigeons, 22 mother, 22 (242) Piglets breastfeeding, 22 wares (230) Care pigs, 22 wares (220 heads) breeding pork, 22 woven (216) fattening pigs. 5. How to make sow breeding cycle synchronization

Generally, the most common and cost-effective method is to make the sow while making the sow at the same time. This mother’s pig will be at the same time after the breast milk is simultaneously estrus. If you do 3 weeks batch production, this action is performed once every 3 weeks. After 21 weeks of adjustment, the audience can be adjusted to 3 weeks Production mode. 5.2 Hormone Regulation

Using prostaglandin (PGF2α) to induce the donor of the sow (Cameron et al, 2000), but if the same expected date of birth is too large, it is not suitable for use law. However, the same batch of mother pigs after adjustment, if there are 2 sows that have been produced, the remaining pendant sows can be placed in PGF2α, so that they have a total batch of pregnant sow, and give birth to the piglets The age is controlled within 3 days of age, and the subsequent breeding of piglets is relatively smooth.

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Application Law Media (Regumate & # 174;) Let the sow, the estrus of the sow, the diaphragm is a sterol of artificial synthesis, and there is an oxoid hormone (helptogeneous). During the yellow body, it is added to the feed once a day, so that the sows extend the yellow body, Leading the bubble growth and development, until the entire estrus cycle is restarted after the drug is stopped. Fille-Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and GNADOTROPHIN RELESING HORMONES, GNRH, will stimulate follicle growth, firing maturity, luteinizing hormone, lh) increases the bubbles Crack ovulation, in general, about 5 to 7 days after stopping the drug, emollient. The legal media is unable to inhibit the secretion of FSH and LH, and therefore, in the oral treatment of oral treatment (CHEN et al, 2006), the sow want to treat should be in advance (Foxcroft et al, 1995 ). Generally, for the reserve sow that is not aware of the estrus date, it is recommended to continuous administration of 18 days, but for the known estrus, the daughter pig proceeds 10 D or 14 D (Table 2), the difference in the time of the drug to estrus Not significant (Borbolla et al, 2006). Experiments confirmed the use of the rhythm of the diamond medium, the pregnancy of the sow is relatively high, and the number of yellow body is more, the number of dairy pigs is 0.69 more pig farms (Table 3), each fetal passer pig The header increases by 0.25 heads (Meissonnier et al., 2006).

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5.3 Update breeding mother pig group

Some pig farmsPrepare a large number of ripe rear preparation sows to expand or reduce the mother pigs, so that each batch of mother pigs reach the batch demand goal, gradually updating the breeding maternal pigs. After the prepared, the mother pig should record the estrous date, and then prepare the mother pig to different collections 1 week before the batch arrangement, to stimulate the estrus of the mother. 5.4 mature boar trial

Mature boars are exposed every day to stand 5 ~ 30 min, 2 times a day, have a good effect for the sow estrus, Learn about the estrus cycle of the backpass, there is a great help for the addition of a mother pig after the subsequent use of drugs (Estill, 2000). For the breeding, the sow should be pregnant with 24 ~ 35 days, and the airborne sow is screened early and subsequently treated.


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6, improve the pig farm recording system

The pig farm wants to continue to be effective, and the establishment of a complete and accurate record system is Oil, the record system design should include the following aspects.

6.1 Pig Sheon Record

Recording changes in pigs in each production workshop, including boar house, breeding, pregnancy house, childbirth home, posture, breeding Record, usually daily newspapers, weekly reports, monthly reports, etc. In order to facilitate statistical analysis, the above records generally design according to the rhythm of the pig farm, the pig farm implements batch management model, which is generally designed as a weekly form. In addition, there must be breeding record, childbirth record, sow reproduction record, sow, reserve record, pig farm sales and procurement record. Through the statistical analysis of the recorded data, the production results of each production rhythm and the overall production and operation status of the pig farm are calculated.
7. After the batch transformation, it is necessary to consider

1) The entire production cycle of the sow is approximately 147 d, which is about 7 days after the breast milk, plus the pregnancy 115 D. And the number of breastfeeding days is constituted. Adjust the pig farm to 3 weeksAfter the production mode, the entire pig group should be a reproduction record. After a period of collection, the number of days after the average fummine and the number of pregnant days are summed, and the number of days of breastfeeding will be corrected. 2) After the batch production, in order to make full use of the equipment, everything is mainly based on the column of the column that should be met.

3) Collect the breeding giving rate of each month, considering the annual update rate of the sow, the breeding of each batch of breeding sows and update the number of pork heads during the decision.

4) In raising a boar, it must be reduced due to the use of artificial insemination techniques due to batch production, and the quality of semen is affected by the use interval, and the use plan must be adjusted, even during non-maturity weeks. It is still necessary to use the boar to do semen collection to maintain normal physiology of the boar.

5) Arrange the resend of resending mother pig retrying plans, which can be fixed to the number of varieties per batch of excellent sows, and the small pigs produced are reserved in the post-reservation.

6) Centralize the technical humanity to perform population, childbirth and conservation, and do the childbirth pigmentation rate and the growth rate after the increase in live pigs.

7) After the batch production is performed, each batch of pig antibody is stable, and the serological regular monitoring plan, pseudoal travele, and Lamina and other disease clearance programs can be implemented. Using the updated reserve sow plan, select the neatly consistent pig, and then give a stable neat pig semen, which can produce the meat pigs consistent, the meat pigs are absolutely necessary in the batch production system. The pig house will be fully utilized. 8, summary

Traditional pig house ventilation, thermal insulation and isolation is not good, it is recommended to consider changing into batch production mode when updating pig houses. Configure reasonable operation route (air, animals, personnel and sewage), using time to perform cleaning and disinfection work (air bar cleaning, disinfection, shearing, cutting, trend and vaccination), provide isolation of optimal environmental equipment The sick pig house, early removal of sick pigs to the isolation column or isolates the pig house, and immediately culled away from the field. Strict epidemic prevention measures, enter the field shower to replace overalls and rain shoes, personnel, items and animals to enter and exit, enter and export pig houses must be cleaned with rain shoes and pedal sink, completely cleaning, dry and disinfection, and put dry by clean field Introduce. Batch production cooperatesThe control method will significantly improve the growth rate of the pig farm, and the effectiveness of the pig farm is maximized.

Actual Case Sharing:

A large-scale pig farm in Hubei Province, in 2013, the output of pig farm fat pigs has never been higher than 8,000, and the price of pigs is as high as 14 yuan / Kg.

In August 2013, the pig farm used the instrument measured the actual column area, and the number of colors was incentive. 117 pig farms, according to the annual output of the column of 12,000, and then adjusted to 23-24 nests per week, with 27-28 breeding. Basic mother pig 485 heads. Implement strict week-batch management according to the existing collections, increase the amount of column, increase the utilization rate of column, 20% of the column pig cost (14 yuan / kg) (column depreciation, hydropower, labor cost) = 2.8 yuan It can be saved.

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The pig farm uses two 4 square meters of whiteboard, and the batch recording trapezoidal table is hanging on the canteen wall of the staff of the staff. The pig farm has a lot of achievements. The pig farm has been performing whiteboard batch management. In 2015, it exceeded 12,000 years, and MSY exceeded 23. Source: Pig Professional Manager WeChat ID: YZZYJLR2016

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