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According to the author, many domestic-scale pig farms have not been made according to planning, balanced production, and production. In general, the less balanced in the style of the pig farm is, the more precisely in the field, the more precarious, and once there is no net in delivery, it will cause the pig with only high breeding density or too low, often means Continuous production. The health problems of the pig farm often result, resulting in the growth and ventilation programs that cannot be effectively implemented so that the pig farm is always in the vortex of sub-health.
Excellent pig farms usually need to carefully examine the layout in the field, and design the following objectives:

1. Reduce production costs;

2. Ensure each building In the two batches of pigs at least 24 hours;

5. Accurately predict the demand for each post, and set the breeding objectives that are easy to reach, fully considering the problems in the summer infertility;

6. Pig farm repeat Production and balance the supply of listed meat pigs, the number of pork heads in summer may increase due to low childbirth rate, while winter increases with birth rate. Therefore, the use of “how many heads of pigs in each child is produced per year” may only be boiled to the outside. In fact, there is not much sense to actually cost control measures in pig farm, and now there are more pig farms. It is the use of “How many broken pig Pig PCY is provided every year” (why everyone thinks about it);

7. Create a start and vacation time can be accepted by the society (Is there a weekend, is it possible to take a regular holiday?).

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Many new pig farms, the appearance may seem to be more innocent, the area is also very large, the pig group is also ideal, increased many automation facilities, but if There is no fully considering the flow of pigs, and the new pig farm sometimes opens.There will be a variety of breeding in production. So I want to let the farm step into formal, I have to consider the following:

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A new production of pig farms

I, pig farm Sub-production arrangements

Many pigs may believe that batch production is only suitable for small pig farms in 200-500 sows. In fact, it is necessary to real implement “full / full (Ai / Ao)”, so that no matter what type of pig farm, it is necessary to perform batch-batch feeding, but it is only a short interval in the scale of the pig farm. . The current batch interval is as follows:

One week

One-week batch

a batch of times every two weeks


A batch of times for every four weeks

III, how to determine how the pig farm is weaning?

The European countries may not have much choice, because the EU is clearly stipulated: the piggy pigs are not less than 21 days. The real weaning of the pig farm is actually determined according to the quality of the campus and the quality of the teaching tank. Insufficient lactation is less than 19 days will reduce the production of the first child of the sow; the lactation is less than 17 days will reduce the production of the sow’s second birth —- Reduce production is often half of the normal pig farm in the gestational age structure. Only the production capacity of sows produced more than three tires is not affected by long-term lactation. In other non-EU countries, such provisions do not require enforcement.

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Determines whether the pig farm we weaned once used the right “full / full (AI / AO) management method, mainly to check the average weaning of the pig . Some textbooksDiscuss the advantages of additional or 2 days of breakfast, but if you use a week to weaned, weaning can only be 7 days a day – unless you change the number of days of weaning — The pig farm generally doesn’t do this. If we use a weekly weaning twice, the number of weaning pigs is reduced, which will cause loss from the “full / full (Ai / Ao)” from weaned to the fatty area.
Third, design pig only flow model – Where should I start?
In general, we can use the pig farm fertilizer area as a starting point. But unfortunately, many pig farms adopt a variety of diverted pig houses. In addition, many pig farms don’t know how much activity is only exactly how much fertilizer pigs.

Therefore, in fact, the starting point for designing production models is often starting from childbirth, so that the pig farm performs “all-in / full (Ai / Ao)” in the weaning area, if the pig farm is weaning No “all-in / full (AI / AO)”, this farm is not “full / full (AI / AO)”. Fourth, what should I pay attention to in the childbirth area? In order to implement “full advance / full (AI / AO)”, the pig farm needs to make each batch of sows in the same number of sows in the recognized time period. Therefore, the pig farm needs to know the following:

1. The total number of all partial blesses

2. Number of childbirthhouse or number of units

3. Each birthhouse The miles of delivery areas

Five, what is weaned? It is weaned once every four weeks.

The answer to this question is determined by the scale of “full / full (AI / AO)”, one sentence, is the most scientific thing for your pig farm. See Table 2 for details.
For example, each batch provides 1000 piglets, if only 860 sows, it is best for 3 weeks batch production.

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Another method is to reviewThe pattern of delivery area and how to make the best use of this space, thereby achieving reasonable benefits. Table 3 below shows the number of different types of weaning age to do “full / full out”.

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Note: Many models do not apply for 1 year 52 weeks, or each batch of production models of the pigs is inconsistent Example: Fitting sow will be given birth from 115 days later But at this time, there is no delivery bar to be available.

Note that all the following color code uses the following color code: gray represents the sow to transfer, the green representative is in lactation, and the red represents the cleaning work, and the blue represents the pig house idle or conservation.


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The following chart divided by 1 week and 2 batches of milk; other batch patterns were weanned every Thursday

Figure 1 3 weeks Waplectographic pattern


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Figure 3 Piglet Five-week Draft Milkhouse Design


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All in all, the pig flow model depends on the number of pig farms birthhouse and the number of ribs. It is related to the number of pigs that can accommodate the pigs that can accommodate each pig farm, each pig farm should find first. It is best for your own model before you can produce in order to order.
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