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The fetal structural distribution and reasonable sow of the sow field is one of the important factors in the maintenance of the production of pig farms, and the reasonable resell of mother pig replacement is to maintain the pig farm. Good fetal distribution and an important aspect of supplementing the elimination of mother pigs. The two pig farms have a different reserve mother pig replacement rate, sow elimination rate and a gestational age structure, analyzed the production level of two pig farms, to provide a reference basis for the farm farm culture.
First, the annual update rate for maintenance of 40-50% in batches is more suitable


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Whether it is for internal reasons or external reasons, rear sows Replacement is a very important production cost of the sow farm. Batch production is generally considered to maintain a good gestational age structure in the farmhouse, and 40-50% of the update rate is suitable. This paper compared two cases of the pig farm in which the resell of mother pig renewal rate, the average fetal and distribution of each production cycle (the average fetal and distribution), in case of the replacement rate on the pig farm.

First, we analyzed the replacement rate and average fetal situation of the sow in the lagoon near 3 years.
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The rear bonded pig update rate depends on the elimination rate of the pig farm sow, under the premise of maintaining the stability of the base sow, it must introduce the same amount of resembled mother while eliminating the sow. Pigs to maintain the production of the pig farm. Therefore, it is obvious that the sow of the A pig farm is higher than the B pig farm. that, Why does the A pig farm have such a high elimination rate?

The following figure can be explained, the picture below shows the ratio of the pig farm to each production cycle elimination.

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Elimination rate = number of eliminated sows / quantity of sows per cycle

As can be seen from the above figure, the A pig farm eliminated the number of sows in the previous period, and The B pig farm retains more sows at 1-5 fetuses, making it eliminated by a large number of sows after 6 fetuses. 4.JPG

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In fact, we compared the data of the sows of the two pig farms because of the age of the sow sold, the sow of the two pigs, the average death of the sow, but the B pig farm sells The average fetal age of the sow is much higher (decided to phase out)

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Fetal Structure Distribution (December 31, 2016)

A pig farm despite high update rate, production performance is not ideal (3 births in most cases) 5 fetal sows have the best performance) performance), and it requires more than 6 maternal pigs above. The fetal structure distribution of the pig farm is similar to the “U” type, so the production performance is not good.

Second, the minimization of young fetal sow elimination rate is conducive to improving the economic efficiency of pig farms

The above data shows that the minimalized sows in early production cycles is beneficial to improve the pig farm economy. benefit.
1, reduce the proportion of sows that need to be replaced;

2, do all hundred moreThe production period of pigs is used, and the utilization of sows is improved; 3. Get higher production age structure distribution.

Off The above-mentioned sows that meet the elimination of the standard must be eliminated) Causes of elimination (such as breeding, limphoes, etc.).

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