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In recent years, with the development of China’s animal husbandry, by The environmental policy of national government departments, China’s pig industry has been developing towards scale, intensive direction. The key link of the intensive pig, the key link of the intensive pig is the batch production, and the batch production of the pig farm has helps to achieve the full-time production model, and the process management of factory chemical is conducive to raising the management of the pig farm. Performance and level, facilitating improving the breeding efficiency and labor productivity of the pig farm, reducing the intangible losses during the operation of the pig farm, allowing farmers and companies to get greater profits.

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The batch management is to divide the mother pig into substantially the same number, and each group is produced according to the same law. Implement a strict production management method. Lotary management will work in the original continuous production, such as weaning, breeding, and delivery, and change these important work in more concentrated time, and have a rule of the rules, so that traditional continuous feeding methods It turns into a factory-based, process-related way. The biggest feature is that each sow is weaning, breeding and childbirth at the same time, and the sow can be uniformly distributed in the production cycle. Batch production is not a novel high-profile theory and unique secret. In fact, it is quite common in foreign applications. In fact, many pig farms in China are already implementation, but it is necessary to further improve and standardize and strictly
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The advantages of batch management

1. Conceive balance, order, full loadProduction management

Traditional production management model is unable to achieve plan balanced production due to factors such as variety, nutrition, season, fetal, environment, and is not conducive to facilities and equipment. If the production management process is used, the utilization rate of the existing facilities can be given to maximizing production capacity, and the utilization of boar is maximized; and the labor force can be planned more reasonably, and improve work efficiency, which is conducive to the arrangement of the production plan. implement.
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2. Improve the uniformity of piglets, better implementation of the whole process

batch production management, on the one hand, on the side of the sow, the breeding state, This ensures that there is enough time to disinfection, air bar and dryness, which is good for health management. On the other hand, due to the synchronization of childbirth, the birth time of piglets is more concentrated, and more beneficial to the immune management of piglets and foster in the best time, making the immune status and uniformity of piglets more consistent, for subsequent goods production and implementation It provides a good foundation.


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3. Improve economic benefits, enhance corporate competitiveness

The purpose of batch production management is to achieve balance full load production, improve the number of births and number of births Increase the uniformity of piglets. Make the overall management level of the pig farm with a new step; while maximizing and improving the health of the pigs through production capacity, it can reduce the cost of health management and other production costs, and improve economic benefits. 5.Jpg

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ThreeRealize the measures of batch management
1. According to the size of the pig farm and the proficiency, the facility can be implemented, the target of batch management is set;
2, newly put into production The pig farm sets good delivery rhythm, which can directly bring the resembled mother pigs to the batch, and directly realize the batch. The old pig farms produced continuously, because there is a pig production every week, it is necessary to adjust biotechnology such as emotory drugs.


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3, doing a good sow cycle Emospheric record, this is the basis of the batch management, can be efficiently managed in batches to the sow, thereby increasing the production efficiency of the pig farm;


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Zhou Batch Production Management Calendar 4, change the feeding management mode, the pig farm uses the full-time batch production feeding management model, air bar can completely clean, disinfect and dry, block the level of disease, reduce the occurrence of diseases, Thereby improving the health level of the pig;
5, according to the selected batch and the antigen antibody detection results of the pig farm pork group, a reasonable vaccine immunization plan;
6, use the data management software to view real-time The results of the pig, find out the problem of sows, analyze the operation of pig farm, and develop detailed work plans, and then enhance the production achievements and economic benefits of the pig farm.
Fourth, the important significance of realizing the batch management
The batch management can improve labor efficiency, improve the health of pigs, and reduce the mortality of piglets, and data management makes pig farm management simple and efficient. Improve employee’s work efficiency. Batch production and data management is a powerful tool for live management of pig farms. The domestic farm has been aware of its importance. How to make a lot of production and data management are truly used to produce is a modern pig farm, each manager needs to carefully thinkSubject, standardization, rationalization, and executive is the basis for the management system. The batch management will be the most important integration technology of domestic pig industry in the next 10 years, including the same period estrus, regular extension, deep extension, A series of new technologies such as frozen semen, in the same period, column design will promote pig plantation to help major farmers and farmers manage the pig farms more scientifically and efficiently to obtain greater economic benefits.

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After the batch setting, the report given by the Pig Yibao EDIPORC “software in French ISAGRI.

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Batch production summary: The key to the batch production is the prior prior plan, the process is strictly implemented, and afterwards, the loss of each batch should be timely. Summary, for the real pig people, we must only raise the pig, and use your heart to raise your pig!

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