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Some breeding households have a rabbit, because they don’t understand technology, it is also easy to have some misunderstandings in some processing methods, leading to the vicious impact of rabbits, for these incorrect methods, we should process in time To avoid more consequences. Rabbit Money reminds everyone to change the wrong method has the following:
Partial feeding part of the rural rabbit people believe that only more feeding home rabbits can grow fast, some people even fed three times The feed does not match other crude feed and green feed, resulting in death in diarrhea and disease in rabbits. The main reason is that excessive fine feed is decomposed in the intestines, fermented, producing a large amount of organic acid, destroying the weak alkali environment of microorganisms, resulting in a rabbit intestinal tract. Ecological balance. Therefore, in the breeder rabbit, a certain proportion of fine feed should be added according to the nutritional standard of rabbits, but the crude feed of the fiber cannot be lacking. QQ: 2627108897
Instead of the grain feed grain feed, if the whole grain feeding is fed, there is a considerable part of the grain that does not have a full chewing of the rabbit oral cavity, so that it cannot be completely digestion into the blind intestine. Unrecognizable grains fermented in rabbits, harmful bacteria produce bowel toxins, leading to rabbits to diarrhea or enteritis.
Some farmers with antibiotics in order to prevent rabbits from sick, often adding antibiotics such as gentamicin, dysenger, and gentamicin, etc., which is harmful to rabbits. Rabbit is a herbivalent animal, and the feeding forage is absorbed by the cellulose decomposition by various microorganisms in the intestine. When it is added to the rabbit, a large amount of beneficial microorganisms in the intestine is suppressed or killed, resulting in the digestive ability of rabbits, and disease resistance.
The vaccine freezing preservation of freezing preservation is easy to cause vaccine failure. The correct vaccine preservation method is: vaccine purchased without having to open the package directly under temperature conditions of 4 ° C to 8 ° C. Tel: 0374-8136766
Improper use of drugs or drug use drugs, there are many rabbits that have many rabbits do not understand the performance of drugs, and use drugs through feelings and experience. For example, when the treatment of rabbits, some rabbits are always washed with soap water, and then scribbled with the enemy aqueous solution, which is harmful to rabbits. The reason is that soap water is alkaline, and it will generate a more toxicity after encounter with the enemy aqueous solution.Quality — enemy daunting, easy to cause rabbits poisoning. The correct approach is to wash the soap water after washing with soap water. After drying, it is applied to the patient, and then apply an anhydrust aqueous solution.

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