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How to prevent the gars in the past!
In the process of breeding alicine, it is necessary to pay attention to feeding, especially in terms of feeding and feed selection, because if the lease is open, if not in time, the feeding feed protein content is very easy. anus. Grule pears will affect the growth of the leek. Therefore, the following method can be taken for prevention when encountering paste.
The control measures are mainly:
1. Timely boiling water
The first drinking water is called boiling water after leaching. Timely boiling water helps the gutan to absorb the residual egg yolk in the abdominal cavity. If you can’t boil water 2 ~ 3 days after the shell, the eggs of the gousies of the paste will increase. It is usually boosted within 15 to 24 hours after the shell, preferably from 5% to 8% of sugar water for 2 to 3 days, not only to prevent paste, but also reduce the mortality of the pestle.
Second, timely open
The first time fed after the lease shell was checked. The test proves that the time of the lease is open for about 24 hours after the shell, and the second is 36 hours, otherwise, the number of passengers will increase. Therefore, try to make the leek for 24 to 36 hours after the shell, and learn all the food within 2 days, promote the digestion of the gawge to the food, which is conducive to the prevention of paste.
Third, do not feed high-protein day grain peek consultation, please find Mok, phone / WeChat: 17768276005
After the lease is out of the shell, there are 6 ~ 9 grams of egg yolk without absorption, egg yolk Value is very high, and the digestive function of the gars is not yet perfect. The enzymatic ability of various digestive enzymes is not strong, and the high protein diet cannot be well digested, which is easy to have paste. Therefore, there is no high protein day grains such as fish powder and goose eggs before leaching.
Four, maintaining a suitable temperature
Be sure to maintain a suitable temperature, no more than 15 ° C in one day, this is conducive to the digestion of the food to the food, it is effective to prevent paste effect One of the measures.
(1) Antibiotic is added to the diet.
(2) Diet (especially the diet containing barley and wheat), adding a compound enzyme or a mother-of-female born to 28% to promote the digestion of food.

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