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At present, pigs are increasingly difficult to raise, more and more ill, the environment, and nutrition conditions are getting higher and higher, and the money is getting harder and harder. Some of the pig farms are visible, such as bright lights during the day, feed sprinkle, and water pipes. However, the loss caused by the invisible waste, sometimes even causes the pig farm to close, these waste is hidden, and people are not paying attention, the loss is profit. Feed waste feeding costs during the breeding process, the feed waste is most prominent. Feed accounts for more than 70% of the cost of breeding, and feed investment in fattening phases accounts for more than two-thirds. Some people think that the feed is not eaten is a waste. In fact, if you eat in the fattening phase, if there is no effective use! Below, you can provide some improvement and improvement methods for reference. Article Source WeChat public number: Weiye Group (we update pig price information on time every day, market dynamics, pig disease prevention ….)

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1 Pigs are different from nutrition, but now, regardless of the formula recommended by the feed mill, it is impossible to apply the formula for experts. High protein formulations in winter will cause waste of proteins, and the summer energy formula will cause waste of energy. 2, use high-water score corn without changing the recipes, spring and autumn, often heard pig households reflecting the premix or concentrate quality, pig is not long. The reason why pig growth is slow is not caused by the premix or concentrate quality, but because the moisture is too high at the time. Due to autumn and winter, the temperature is low, pigs need to be energy than spring and summer season, while more corn is mostly newly harvested, more than 20%, and the feed is more energy, if not Modify the recipe, and if the procedure is carried out, it will definitely be able to have a short energy, affecting the normal growth of pigs. The way to solve this problem is simple. One is to increase corn ratio in other raw materials, and increase the amount of feeding; the second is to use wet corn while cooperating with high energy feed such as oil, etc. Suitable for milk or piglets that require energy concentrations.3, there are several cases of waste according to the formula processing feed. When the processing is made; the second is to lack a raw material, it is easy to use other raw materials; the three is the raw material to be charged, if used in wet corn Corn, etc. The above three cases will damage the rationality of the feed formulation, affecting the feed utilization. There are also many breeding bosses, I feel that I have raised the pig, I understand very much, this must be avoided, everyone is different, the feed is the same, and the products of different manufacturers must have different. I have encountered a problem consulting manufacturer nutritionist is the most appropriate choice, not just experience. Article Source WeChat public number: Weiye Group (we update pig price information on time, market dynamics, pig disease prevention ….) 4, waste mixing uneven waste mixing is uneven in many pig farms. Handmade mixture does not have to be said, that is, the machine mixture is often stirred unevenly. There is no time, and the mixing time is insufficient. It is most important to ignore the addition of drugs or micro additives in the feed, and do not directly pour the mixer through the premixing procedure, and add dozens of pharmaceuticals in a thousand pounds, it is difficult to stir well. 5, the waste of big pigs eat small pigs often encounter small pigs to eat pigs, Chinese pigs eat small pigs, big pigs eat pigs, these will cause waste of feeds. More serious is to let the rear preparation pigs eat fatty pigs, greatly delay the estrus time of the sow, affecting normal breeding. These seems are not important, but if you carefully calculate a bill, you will be shocked. Think about why you want to use this? Think about why the manufacturer does the feed are divided by stage, you will understand! 6, feed moldy waste, some plates are cheap to purchase mildew corn, due to corn yellowlaxin, cigrus, uxtrinoxin, and immunity, decreased immunity, producing various diseases, reducing feed transformation rate. The current high-temperature disease is one of the most important causes of mild corn, should be highly valued. 7. The waste of feed mechanical sieves caused by feed processing is damaged. The particles after the feed are large. The pigs are eaten from the pigs, causing a lot of waste, which may also bring chronic gastrointestinal disease. The feed utilization rate of fattening phase is low, and the feed cannot be fully digested, and there are common corn, soybean meal, bran particles in the feces. The sieves required by the pigs in each stage are different. Generally, the lagma is about 0.8-1.2, and the medium large pig is 1.5, the sow is 1.8-2.0.It is also necessary to repair the feed processing equipment, the sieve is damaged, wear, and to replace it in time, focus on remind you of your screens must not be full 2.0, pig is a careful life, this little is lazy. 8. Strengthening the feed nutrition management “Good to eat, the late period is fast” in the small pig stage must use a good material is currently a common sense of pig people, especially in the current pig price, both to consider product quality, It is also necessary to consider costs. Article Source WeChat public number: Weiye Group (we update pig price information on time every day, market dynamics, pig disease prevention ….)

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