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Many people in deworming have misunderstandings. It is believed that the deworm is used by Evi’s honesty. 1) Different drugs use different drugs with different drugs, not all of Ivascin. For example, the nematode uses Evi baconia and left-dimimidazole, aphids with pyroquinone, insecticoma, and the like. If only Ivinalin deworm is used for a long time, it represents the other parasites still exist, not the effect of drugs, is not the problem of the drug, is not used. Driveworms should be used in turn, and it is not possible to use a insecticormic for a long time because parasites also have anti-drug resistance, and a long-term use of a drug insecticide will be significantly reduced. 2), the flock needs regularly insects, according to the flock of the flock, the lamb retrore, the lamb immobilized, and then each dentain agent is seven and ten days, two times, the big sheep is exposed. Wearing the sheep, four to six resective pregnancy, the ewes can be arranged in previous months, and the proliferation of the insects after the birth, which not only drives the inside and outside of the ewec, but also benefits breastfeeding, and reduces parasite to the young lamb Infection. The dose is administered in a normal dose of 2/3. The first medication is 7 to 10 days, and then use it once. 3) After deworming, you need to be insects to deworm, but also need to do insect post-insessation. After the sheep, the insects in vitro were not in the body, but as the sheep’s feces were excluded or before the eggs in the sheep circle, so there was a thorough disinfection of the sheep. For the insects of the sheep body, but not disinfecting the environment is equal to the white fee. Some friends’ flocks always have brain worms or aphids. I always feel how to drive insects, that is, there is a problem in the environment. 4) Special circumstances, special circumstances, such as many places, where there are more attention to the insects of the aphid, without having to pay too much insects of the aphid without there. Friends who are often grazing on the river pay attention to infection, especially in grazing areas, and should pay more attention. Friends on the mountains on the mountains pay more attention to the liver flakes. Beijing Yingmeire feed manufacturers, fourteen years of deep cultivar, animal nutrition, welcome everyone to come to discuss cooperation. Company: Beijing Youli Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Brand: Yingmeire Product person in charge: Single Xiaodong Consulting: 18911559526 (Synchronous WeChat) QQ: 481408757 Company Landline: 010-60553558;

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