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Belgian Shepherd – Belgian Sheepdog

Belgium Shepherd first gives people an impression is a very well-known, square ratio of dogs. The world is very proud of the head and neck. He is firm, flexible and muscular, always keeps alert. The overall structure gives people an impression that there is depth, reliable, but not stupid. Generally, male impressions are deeper than females, and they are generally gentle.
The Belgian Shepherd first gives people a very well-known, square ratio of dogs. The world is very proud of the head and neck. He is firm, flexible and muscular, always keeps alert. The overall structure gives people an impression that there is depth, reliable, but not stupid. Generally, male gives people a deeper than female, large, and females are generally soft
[Defect] Any place deviating from these descriptions belongs. Whether it is secondary defect, general defects is still the discrimination of main defects, two standards must be followed: 1. The degree of deviation from the variety standard. 2, these departure standards, the impact of its ability to work (
[body type] Male shoulder height is about 24 ~ 26 inches; female shoulders are about 22 to 24 inches. Male is less than 22.5 inches or higher than 27.5 inches belongs to disruption; female is less than 20.5 or higher than 25.5 inches belongs to disruption. Body length, distance from the sternum to the buttock, equal to the shoulder. Female may grow slightly. Mid range of bone volume, uniformity with the overall proportion, is very coordinated, and the body is neither thin or elongated, and it is not cumbersome. When the Belgian Shepherd is standing, it should be a square ratio, which is observed from the side, and the back line, the forebita, and the hind are formed a square.
[Head] The contour is simple, strong, and the overall size is uniformity. Expression: Shows the alarm, pay attention, ready to act. Eyes show smart and doubt. Eyes: brown, dark brown better. Medium size, slightly almond, no protrusion. Ears: The shape is triangular, firmly erected, and is appropriate to the head ratio. The outer angle of the ear cannot be lower than the center of the eye. The ears are like a hound that is fascinating. Brain bag: top slightly flat, no round arch, width and length roughly equal, width cannot be greater than the length. The end is moderate. Tony: slightly a bit pointer, cannot be as truncated, the length is substantially equal to the head. The contour is parallel to the outline of your head. The jaw is firm and powerful. Noviroscopy: blackColor, no stains or fades. The lips are tight, black, can’t see pink from the outside.
Teeth: teeth are complete, powerful white teeth, uniform distribution, scissor bite, or clamp bite. The upper jaw protruding bite and the jaw are bite and.
Neck, Back Line, Body] Neck: Arches and outwardly, gradually changing from the body binding, muscles, skin tight. Back line: Malaysia is slightly high, keep the back from the horse shoulder to the hip level, straight, stable. Chest: Not wide, but quite deep, depth reaches the elbow. The lower line (from the deepest place to the abdomen from the chest) is a smooth graceful curve. Abdominal: moderately developed, neither too much, no big belly. The waist, observed from above, appears short, wide and strong, smooth and bonded. The length of the buttocks is medium and gradually inclined. Tail: The tail is strong, and the tail bone extends to the flying. When resting, the tail is sagging, the end is close to the flying. When exercising, the tail is on the volume, the end junction is powerful, and it is not like a hook. The end of the end is disadvantage.
[Premium] shoulder: The shoulder length is tilted, leaning back in the body, with a significant angle with the forearm (approximately 90 degrees). Leg: straight, strong and parallel to each other, the bone is oval instead of round. The proportion of length and texture and the overall is very well. Medium length, strong, very slightly tilted in an ankle. The wolf claw can be removed. Foot claws: round (cat feet), toe arches and very close. Toenail is solid, black (except white nails commensurate with white toes).
[Humman] Leg: The length and texture and overall size are very coordinated, and the bones are oval instead of round. The two hind legs are parallel to each other. Thigh: Width, the muscles are very developed, the upper half of the thigh bone and the lower half of the thigh bones are parallel to the shoulder blade and the forearm bones, and the latter knee forms a clear angle. The angle of the flying is more obvious, although the Belgian Shepherd is not too exaggerated. The length of the tandifier is strong and slightly tilted. If there is a wolf, it must be removed. Foot claws: hind limbs are slightly long, toes are rounded and very tight, and the mat is thick. Toenail is solid, black (except white nails commensurate with white toes).
[Mao] The outer laundry must be long, suitable for, and it is very rich. Should not be a filament or a bristles. The texture is medium and thick, the bottom is very strong, and can adapt to various climatic conditions. The Belgian Shepherd has a unique adaptability to extreme climate and temperature. The head, the outer side of the ear, the hair shorter is slightly short, and the open ear has juvenile protection.
Decoration: MoreLong, more rumored hair, such as a bib around the neck; the front arm rear, the long decoration of the thigh and “pants”; the tail is long, thick and rich.
[Color] Black, may be pure black or black with white streaks. White streaks are limited to the following: Front chest is small to medium number of white debris, stripes. The foot pad and the toes have a white, and the back fepta toe has a white, the tons and chin are white (may be white or gray). The front footwood toe has white is allowed, but it belongs to a defect.
[Disrupture] Any other colors other than black, do not include white tribes in front. Mao is correct, and color is not disadvantage due to climate reasons.
Backrest] <动作平顺、舒展而轻松,显得不费力。动作灵活比驱动力强大更重要。在快速跑动时,比利时玛利诺的足迹为单一轨迹,前后肢都由于重力作用而聚拢在身体中心线下。背线水平而稳固,与运动方向一致,不生硬。这一品种绕圆形跑动要胜于直线跑动
[temperament] Belgian Shepherd showed smart, brave, aircraft, and the quality of the owner’s love. He is very intelligent, like protecting the collier, and expands to the owner and the owner’s property. Under the order, he is very vigilant, focusing, and the action will be paid. Its relationship with human beings, keeps strangers and pay close attention, but not worry. Should not be afraid or shame. There is no reason, there is no reason to attack, so that he should be friendly, friendly, enthusiastic about what he pays attention to, and has a strong possession. The murderer is disadvantage.
[Disdheal] is less than 22.5 inches or above 27.5 inches; female is less than 20.5 or higher than 25.5 inches. <The ear is like a hound. < <In addition to other colors other than black. Fierce

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