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Today is the porcine-chain bacteria, which is a infectious disease in human and animals. It is caused by a variety of streptococcus, high incidence, commonly known, mean encephalitis, less abscess (mainly Pigs), sepsis and meningocarbone diseases are high.
Diagnostic points, sepsis: often have an acute case in the initial stage, often not see any symptoms at the end of the head, death, or die of two men, body temperature is more than 41 degrees, spiritual discipline, belly There is a purple spots, often will die, acute cases are expressed in the spirit, the body temperature is about 41 degrees, which is reconciled, measuring or not eat, the eye-catching film is flush, tears have slurry nasal, breathing simple meat. A small number of sick pigs have a purple or hemorrhagic erythema in the lower end of the ear of the ear, and the disease is generally 2-4 days.
meningitis type: The initial temperature of the sick pig is high, the constipation, there is a pulp or mucous nasal liquid, and there is a neurological symptom such as moving disorders, turning circles, check, molar, supine, until the rear drive paralysis, side Wearing, the limbs are swimming, and even unconscious, some pigs have multiple arthritis, the disease is 1-2 days.
Arthritis: From the top two turn, performance is generally an ante limb or a few limbs joint swelling, pain, or even standing, treatment of 14-2 days.
Prevention: Give 30-55 days of age pig injection of the bacteria polyvalent inactivated vaccine 2 ml
Treatment: 20-30 mg per kilogram of body weight injection of sulfonamin to methoxypyrimidine and three times a day. Amipicycin (can be replaced with amoxicillin) 0.025-0.04 grams, streptomycin 2-40,000 units, 5-20 ml of recurrent amino forest, 5-25 mg of dexamethasone. Use three days twice a day. Injection 10% vitamin C5-20 mg, use 3 times a day.
Remix: Bupleurum 15-40 grams, Huang Quene 10-30 grams, gold and silver flower 10-30 grams, 10-30 grams of forsythia, 10-30 grams of wild chrysanthemum, 15-40 grams of blue roots, large green leaves 10-30 Gram, 10-30 grams of Dandelion, 10-30 grams of summer, 10-20 grams of purple di, 10-20 grams of Danpi, 10-20 grams of licorice. The stool can add 15-40 grams of yellow, 50-150 grams of macha, the above is 25-125 kg body weight,

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