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The ability to deposit fats in nutrients requires different cocks than the female chicken, but the cock is more effectively utilized more effectively than hens. From 2 weeks, the protein level of the cock feed should be higher than that of the hen.

The growth rate of different cocks is growing fast. At 4, 6, 8 weeks old, the rooster weight is 13, 20, 27, respectively than the heas. Such as male and female, the weight is different, the groove, the high and low requirements of the water, often absent from the other.

Different cocks are as slow, and the hens feathers are fast. Therefore, the pre-cock is higher than that of the hen, and later is lower than the hens; cock weight The chicken is large, so the incidence of chest caes is higher than that of the hen, requiring the pad to loose and properly thickening. Veterinary drug network

After 7 weeks of hens, the growth rate is relatively old, and the amount of consumption of the consumption of 1 kilogram of consumption is rapidly increased, so the hen is sold around 7 weeks, feed utilization High rate; the growth rate of cock is declining after 9 weeks old, so the cock is best for sale in 9 weeks old.

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