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The dog will be healthy, anal glands, skin diseases, allergies, etc.

Balance the energy of the body, cooked food makes the dog calm, the raw meat will make the dog more active

Raw meat feeding will keep the dog nature, clean teeth. Reducing the disease of the teeth

There is less feces, almost no odor

Reduce body odor and tone

can better control the ingredients and nutrients of the dog’s food Proportion

The muscles of the strong dog are better controlled.

Reduces the taste of the ear and the disease of the ear canal

only feeding raw meat (especially raw beef) plus effective power training can make the dog synthesize a large number of muscles in a short time

Long-term feeding and bones, dogs do not have a calcium deficiency

raw meat provides maximum energy, complete vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, yeast, proteins, and carbohydrates.

Halveth is better, and the dog likes to eat raw meat.

The dog’s wool color is bright.

Raw meat food can control the best speed of dog growth, avoid the problem of bones that have increased the excessive rapid weight of the puppy

During the eating process of the bite, the dog’s lower jaw, neck And shoulder muscles are well exercise, more perfect

Dogs in chewing bones, gastric acid will have enough time to secrete to help better digestion

chicken When the bones are born, they don’t have to worry because the bones of the bones are more soft and easy to bend. The dog’s squat is eating a bone, it will deal with

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