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As early as 1969, the researchers found that the deoxycholic acid / salt in the bile acid can inhibit the absorption of the rats in the rats, thereby derived bile acid in the body against bacterial endotoxin defense mechanism. An important role. Bile acid (BA) prevents endotoxin (lipopolysaccharide, LPS) from entering the portal vein blood. Bile acid can decompose endotoxin into non-toxic fragments in the intestines.
After fifty years of theory and practical exploration, bile acid’s detergent effect is accepted by more and more people. For example, in the diarrhea caused by E. coli, the so-called endotoxin enters the blood through the intestinal mucosa through the intestinal mucosa, resulting in endotoxemia.
Bile acid can bind and decompose endotoxin in the intestine to reduce the damage of endotoxin for the body. Therefore, bile acid treatment preparations have a certain effect on the treatment of coloninoidemia caused by E. coli in neonatal bacilli. Differential diarrhea caused by cultured animals, with the same efficacy and mechanism.
In some diseases, the lack of production of gallbladder shrubilin (CCK) may be caused by insufficient bile, and the result is easy to absorb the absorption of lipopolysaccharide (LPS). It is well known that CCK is produced in small intestinal walls, and the bile excretion is caused by combining a special receptor on the gallbladder through a blood circulation. If the CCK is insufficient, the bile cannot be discharged into the intestine. Therefore, the detergent effect of bile acid cannot be used to LPS molecules. In this case, the lipopolysaccharide will be transferred from the intestinal in a toxic form to a blood circulation, causing endotoxemia.
The data indicates that the interaction of endotoxin / bile acid is not controlled by the roaming force, but a hydrophobic effect. Bile acids are reduced and eliminated by endotoxemia, we will be as follows:
1, bile acid and intestinal antfine
Encoree is aggravated by bile acid deficiency. Observing a dog with intestinal ischemia (500 mg smashing and radiophards) can prevent 70% of animals. Bile acids have a protective effect on stranded intestinal obstruction rats, and endotoxin plays an important role in the mechanism of stranded intestinal obstruction. The bile acid (20 mg of pulverized and radiopharmal bile) injected into the intestinal cavity is prolonged for 7 hours (50%). These results show that appropriate use of bile acid formulations will provide new opportunities for the treatment of acute abdomen patients;

2, bile acids and silverPrecipitation
(psoriasis: psoriasis is a disease with multiple genetic properties, the pathogenesis is not fully understood, and the existing research believes that it is infected, endocrine, immune dysfunction, enzyme Change and genetic factors are related. The clinical features of different parts have repeated erythema, pimples, spatum propensions, homogeneous reactions, Auspitz SIGN and film phenomenon. Among the cultured animals are similar.)
psoriasis is a polymeric genetic disease, which is also related to bile or bile acid lack, because in most cases, supplementally used bile acid treatment will reduce the severity of clinical symptoms in a short period of time. According to clinical observations (digestive disorders, ultrasound confirmation gallbladder change, etc.), can speculate on the lack of bile acids to play a role in the pathogenesis of psoriasis.
In the absence of bile acid lack, the absorption of endotoxin becomes possible, which will trigger the release of inflammatory cytokines in individual skin with genetic susceptibility. If the absorption of endotoxins can be prevented by supplementing bile acids, the release of inflammatory cytokines can be prevented. This may be the mechanism of explaining our successful treatment. Therefore, the role of cytokine in the pathogenesis of psoriasis is considered to be indirect effects of bacterial endotoxins.
However, this effect may only occur in the case of bile production or insufficient excretion (lack of gallbladder shrubilin, cholesterol metabolism and bile production). Therefore, bile acid to treat psoriasis is actually considered a supplement to a physiological substance rather than drug treatment. We believe that its effectiveness, safety, simpleness, low cost, etc. make it more suitable for the treatment of psoriasis;

3, endotoxin can be inactivated in the liver
The hepatomy of health rats can inactivate a small amount (microgram) endotoxin. Conversely, if the rat was injected with lead in the preparation of hepiwalopenia, endotoxin inactivation was observed. If we incubate natural bile with lead, we will get similar results. This bile solution loses to understand the ability of toxic toxins. It may be that the lead in acetate disrupted the side chain that plays an important role in bile acid detergent, so modified bile acids cannot detoxify endotoxins. This phenomenon may be related to the sensitivity of cells in vivo acetate.

After the endotoxin is broken down into the basic unit of bile acid, bile acid remains inducing endotoxin tolerance. This observation may lead to non-toxicThe separation of the toxin subunit will be able to stimulate the production of natural resistance of the body without having toxic side effects. Therefore, using bile acids as the treatment means of removing endotoxins, it is not to produce poisonous side effects on the body, which is also the cause of natural animal plant extract to treat and prevent bacteria. Cause. It is a great well-being of a natural animal and plant extract to eliminate the condition caused by natural animal and plant extracts without using antibiotics.

The endotoxin is released from bacterial rupture and is the cause of multiple acute symptoms of animals. Especially in the high temperature season, endotoxin and mold toxin synergies, it is easy to cause lesions in animals. Next we will focus on the relationship between bile acid and mold toxin, and look forward to it.

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