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Functional feed additives refer to the immunity of animal body, protect animal hepatobiliary and intestinal health, prevent disease occurrence, promote the functional feed ingredients of the body rehabilitation, which provides reliable for animal health growth and livestock products. Guarantee. In recent years, with the rapid development of biotechnology and genetic engineering, a series of feed additives are increasing in feeds, and many functional feed additives are applied in animal husbandry and show a good application prospect. Pig special bile acids are bile acids extracted from pig biles, which can improve the absorption and utilization of pigs in pigs, and maintain the intestinal health of pigs, and their main components contain about 8-10% of pig cholefic acid. Pig-deoxycholic acid is about 15%, and the deoxycholic acid is about 3%, of which the most lack of lactate pigs is also a key role in pig cholesury, supplement pigs can promote the development of laborate pigs and realize rapid growth. Bile acid’s application effect on pigs: 1, promote fat digestion absorption, improve fat utilization, increase weight increase of 8% -10%, low meat ratio is 5-10%, diarrhea rate is reduced by 5-10%; 2, Improve the conversion rate of feed, effectively solve the pig nutrient diarrhea, improve the resistance to the level, enhance the body’s immunity; 3, increase the growth performance of piglets, speed up the growth rate of piglets, shorten the output; The environment, reduce the body fat content, improve the meat quality and flavor; 5, improve the quality of the milk sow, the milk is sufficient, and the milk is increased and the primary weight is improved. As the pig breeding industry, the research and development of the effectiveness of the pig breeding, the research and development of pig function feed and feed additives will become the inevitable trend of the development of poultry feed industries, and it is also effective for health and sustainable development. Measures. Therefore, the application of functional feed and feed additive will become the direction of future breeding industry, and its prospects are undoubtedly very broad. The article is transferred from the official website of Longchang Bile Acid

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