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The sow feeding time is generally a long, about 3 to 4 years, during such a long breeding process, feed toxins, drugs, nutrient defects, viral diseases, etc. are avoidable. These problems will directly lead to the damage of the pigs in the pig, and the direct consequences are the decrease in bile secretion. Shot is one of the problems that have been brought by bile secretion! Insufficient bile, it will cause fat digestion, adverse absorption, and oil is too long in the intestines, causing decline in feeding, while causing the intestinal intestinal flora to disorder, resulting in fecal drying! The dry junction of the feces will cause the toxins’ heavy absorption, further damage the liver and gallbladder, form a vicious circle! Laizhou Hall Teng Gerace Village Wang Boss, the mother pig group has always had fecal drying phenomenon, using a variety of programs, the effect is not very ideal, use the Wang Boss’s words, “the standard is not true”, the money is not small, Delay time. Later, through the introduction of Xu, I came into contact with this product of bile acid, which is very recognized from the principle of bile acid from the rootic solution, so it is used in the mixture of gestational pork. Recently, when Xu was repeatedly returned, after 16 days, the use of sows had been solved. Wang Boss is very satisfied with the product effect, did not think of the product effect! ZJTOO_ copy .jpg

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The liver as the largest digestive gland in the body, has a very important impact on the digestive function of animals. The bile secreted by the liver is an important digestible liquid that can affect the activity of various indigestinases in the intestines! When the liver is damaged, first exhibit insufficient bile secretion, and there is a problem in digestive system! Therefore, to completely solve the problem of intestines, we must first solve the root of the problem – the liver! Bile acid is the main component of bile, additional bile acid in the feed is equivalent to additional bile, not only makes up for the shortcomings of bile, solves the problem of digestion, but also reducing the burden of liver, one fell again! The article is the original article of Shandong Longchang Animal Health Products Co., Ltd. (, please indicate the source. Thank you

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