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Professor, South China Agricultural University,
Gu Zhang Guhong, a national hog, modern industrial system, Zhang Guihong

Mainly engaged Research on Diagnosis Technology and Molecular Biology of Livestock and Poultry Diagnosis, in recent years, the first line of pig production has been producing pig farms and farmers services, solving production practice.

Non-antique vaccine, biosafety is a prevention and control key

As an acute, heterogeneity of 100% incidence and mortality Infectious diseases, African swine fever spreads are complex and diverse, and can spread through pigs, people, and items. When the viral load in the air is high enough, it can even become the secondary way to spread.

It can be said that African piglets are not only related to the survival of the pig farm, but also the development of the entire industry, as well as domestic meat supply, so pig sites must attach great importance!

Although African swine fever is full, Zhang GuhongSaid that African swine fever is defense, controllable, pig people don’t have to panic, but they can’t be lucky;

Currently no effective vaccination for this disease With the drug, based on the three basic elements of infectious disease control – “Controlling the source, cutting transmission pathway, protecting the privacy group”, pig people should put the focus on the top two measures, through good The biosafety system is to establish an effective epidemic prevention barrier to prevent the African swine fever from entering the field.

Strict biosafety system

For new pig farms, Zhang Guhong said that if the pig farm can do partition feeding management, batch production is also If you build an isolation bar, there will be a great help to the prevention and control of African swine fever.

Some pig farms have been established, and it is necessary to optimize these aspects that may be more hurtful, then how do these pig farms prevent African swine fever?

Zhang Guhong believes that pigs should pay attention to pigs, people, cars, things, media, and feed.

In terms of pig, pig people must pay attention to isolation and detection at the time of increasing, and usually do related investigations, if they find that pigs only have a body surface, ears When the body table appears as a symptoms such as purple, pore bleeding, anorexia, diarrhea, etc., it is best to be vigilant, preferably sample delivery to the relevant African swine fever test laboratory for testing.

“The pig farm should be cautious to check the doubts of pigs!” Zhang Guhong especially emphasized that the examination may become infected, the risk is very, so she suggests that the pig farm does not easily check Suspected sick pig.

As regards the staff, we must pay attention to the isolation of employees and foreign people, standardizing the processes of personnel, while doing a good job of relevant popular scientific propaganda work and strengthen training for employees.

Relevant literature shows that there is a risk of carrying African swine fever viruses, so the transportation safety management of the pig farm is very important, if it can be built in the field The tower can greatly reduce the risk of viruses into the production area.

Second, the pig farm also focuses on the fieldThe disinfection work, especially for the control of the transport vehicle, must completely disinfect the cleaning before and after entering the field, and the pig farm can also set multiple vehicle disinfection points in the field, each disinfective point can be configured to import high pressure hot water cleaning machine Conditional or even the establishment of drying centers, Zhang Guihong said that the disinfectant can only reduce the loading of the virus but have not completely kill the virus, and after drying in 72-75 ° C for 15 minutes, killing African pigs There is a certain role in the virus.

Finally, pigs should also strengthen the clinical monitoring of pig farms and fields around the field, and mobilize the pig farms around the pig farm to actively participate in the prevention and control of African swine fever, and work together Have a good African swine fever prevention and control.

Suspected epidemic emergency disposal method: report, limited, inspection, elimination

How is it good if the pig farm finds a suspected epidemic? Zhang Guhong recommended that raising pigs can treat:

1. Once the pig farm has abnormal death or suspected epidemics, it should be reported to local departments in time;

2. To limit the movement of all products, personnel and vehicles in the field, waiting for the introduction of the grassroots administrative function department or government personnel.

3. Subsequently with the government function department to carry out relevant work, only sample delivery inspection of death pigs and onset pigs;

4. At the same time, the field is strictly disinfected until the epidemic investigation or diagnosis.

As a new type of animal diseases in China, the African piglet epidemic can be said to have a very far-reaching impact on my country’s pig industry. The industry needs to launch more in-depth research and More discussion can we make this defense battle together!

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