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Blue ear disease is also known as pig breeding and respiratory syndrome (PRRS), is one of the most dangerous diseases in pigs. As the world’s largest pig and pork producer in the world, my country is particularly serious.
First, the history of blue ear disease

I was confirmed in the United States in 1987, and I officially named “Pig Breeding Respiratory Syndrome” in 1991. American breeding is very developed. With the US-growing pigs, this disease is also spread to all parts of the world.

PRRS in my country in the second half of 1995 was confirmed in 1996. Summer in 2006, initially named “high-fever”, after being considered to be highly pathogenic blue ear (Tian et al, 2007), pig disease is almost spread throughout the country within one year, resulting in catastrophic pigs in my country loss.
Second, the clinical symptoms of blue ear disease

Pig breeding and respiratory syndrome, mainly caused breeding disorders and respiratory syndrome.

1. The proliferation disorder of sows is mainly made:

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Mother pig’s abortion, dead tires (present colorful), mummy;

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The uniformity of piglets is poor and weak;

sows infected with pigs, breastfeeding pigs, groin lymph noddion, teat blue, low pigmentation rate;

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Some sows showed a lotus-free, and the stagnation of the fetal clothing and the increasing vaginal secretions;

The buddhism, the buddhism, the back of the ridge.


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Blue-ear belongs to arterial inflammatory viruses, which will cause umbilical artery disease, inflammatory exudate blockage pipeline, cut off the fetus Transmit oxygen and nutrient passages, causing death or abortion in the development of the fetus.

2. Main performance of respiratory syndrome

Care pigs appear: difficulty breathing or cough, sometimes abdominal breathing;

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The loss of appetite or abollective, the body temperature rises above 40 ° C, diarrhea;


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Moius, unsatisfaction, gradual weight loss, edema;

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Some pigletsIt can be seen in the ear, and the body surface skin is purple;

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The weight loss of the weaning pigs decreased, the mortality increases;

The piggy is slow, easy to send other Disease (such as gasping, pair of pigs, pleural pneumonia, pulmonary disease, etc.) or forming a stiff pig.

Growing pigs and fattening pigs can show cough, gasping, anti-repeated, difficult to remove;

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Some Big Ears There is deep purple on the back, edge, abdomen and tail skin.

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Blue ear disease mainly infringes pulmonary alveolar macrophages, alveoli macrophages as the lung guard, after destruction, various pathogen microorganisms The long drive is directly reached to the lungs and is one of the main causes of respiratory pathogenesis.

Third, the variability of the blue ear strain The NADC-30 strain broke my country’s long-term blue ear disease composed of classic strains and highly pathogenic strains. The binary world of the virus and gradually evolved into a dominant strain.

PRRSV wild poison is constantly changing.

Fourth, prevention measures

1. Strengthen feeding management and do a good job in disinfection. 2. According to the laboratory test results, reasonable immunization is combined according to the potion of the pig farm.
3. It is recommended to prevention, it can be adaptedA traditional Chinese medicine preparation specifically for blue ear is added.
4. The diseased pig groups can use Chinese medicine preparations in conjunction with corresponding antibiotics (such as toddlers, Thai Wancein, etc.).
Author: Zhou Jun Source: pig Online

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