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Make the most headache of the psychoariety of the tissue. Based on the characteristics of the catholic chicken, the chicks are basically under the 30 days, and one of the most prone to problems that are most likely to be. The catholic happened.

Chicken balls are mainly caused by infection infection by eating pheasant oocysts (many scholars also believe that they belong to parasites). The warm and humidity area, which belongs to the condition limit, concentrated on the age of 20-70, generally through feces, contaminated feed and personnel to spread, if not treated, the mortality can reach 50%.

There are 13 kinds of cockpillar. There are more than 13 kinds of creatures, most of the farmers are concentrated in two coccidi, so they have highly explained the small cocktuss (toxic Almore). Callus) and the futon catholic (Soft Amy Callus)

First, small colon coccidia

small colorectica is just a short quarter of the catholic part of the coccidi, and the largest embatctary Emmy is more than the poisonous Emerald. Such coccidi mainly occurs in the middle of the small intestine, and the pathogenesis will see the intestinal dark red, intestinal velocity relaxation, and the intestinal slurry film has proliferated small white spots and fine needle scum bleeding points, severe blood solidified in the intestine Taoism.

First observe the feces of the chicken, and roughly determine the disease

Second, the cushius
Coreus coccidi is mainly infringed, congestion causes a significant swelling of the blindstone, can get normal 3-4 times, The inside is filled with fresh blood, the appearance is red or dark red, the intestinal wall has bleeding points, and the discharged feces also contains a lot of blood, and the time is long to form a thrombus in the blindstone! This type of cocktice is fast, and it will come, and must be controlled with rapid and effective drugs. Otherwise, the death is suddenly increased!

As a soil, it is easy to encounter such a situation, so you must have a simple chicken knowledge reserve. When you are in trouble, you don’t know how to use medicine. In addition to routine medication, here to tell you what aspects should be paid to the breeding, to achieve small knowledge of less or try to doctus:

1, observe chicken manure every day, and find the early stage of coccidia The feces will begin to use drugs and minimize losses and investment.
2Dry, density is small.
3, the mental state of the chicken in coccidia is particularly poor, and the temperature can be appropriately increased, and the amount of drinking water is increased. We can’t solve it, how can we earn money?

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