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Sinking intakes is the most effective in prosthetic pigs.
1, dose precision
2, oral absorption, direct intestines.
3, the effect is fast (treatment plan, 1, 2 times can be effect)
Individual pig friends do not have mastery of methods will appear after the filling, and the drugs to pigs or irrigation are spit out of the pig.
First, Irrigation Method:
Take a small pig ear or hold a pig, when the pig does not struggle with severe struggles, the syringe without the needle is softly enjoys the corner of the pig. Then pat the small pig’s brain, the pig is called, indicating that the drug has entered the stomach. Putting down the pig, the drug will not be spit out, and will not pick up the pig.
Second, notes:
1. It does not fill the medicine when struggling.
2, can’t be in the throat to irrigation.
3, after the drug, take a look, let the pig call out

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