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immediately entered the summer heat stress, the feeding capacity of breastfeeding began to become a hot topic, recently we are constantly concerned and sustainable, but still I feel that there are some opportunities to take the excavation. I have been looking for some information about my study. I will share some of my own learning content. It doesn’t mean this is the standard, but we will see obvious differences and cognition .

Standard for breastfeeding, two calculation calibrations, one is the day-to-day feeding capacity from childbirth to the end of the weaning

caliber, from the sow to the bed The average daily feeding capacity of the sow is weaning.

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The above data calculation logic is drawn from: Shen Guangrong teachers PPT data (2014)

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Related to 21 days of breakfast milk Comparison.

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Our goal is 130-150kg

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Shot of the sow feeding and feeding


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Feeding Program

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Feeding Plan: The theoretical average daily feeding capacity is about 6.3kg, the actual implementation result is almost about 5.5kg. The maximum difference between the fissed scheme below is compared with the speed of postpartum feeding.

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Average (1) refers to the average daily feeding capacity of delivery to weaning.
Average (2) is the average feeding capacity of the start of the upper bed to weaning


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1, first clarify the food goal This is very important because there is a goal to have a plan.

2, the implementation of the feeding plan must be resolute, and the misunderstanding of many people in the past is that after childbirth, the sow is not eaten or very small, and the three feeding curves are more indicated. If the increasing amount of feeding is too slow It is difficult to complete the food.
3, how to make the sow eatMore feed considers problems, such as moist mixing, increase drinking water, improve ventilation, ambient temperature, increase cleaning tanks, and increase feeding.
4, increasing the number of feeding and additional feed is a very important measure to increase the amount of feed.

Note: After the delivery of automatic feeding equipment is free to eat, the sows rushed 4-5 times a day Drinking water demand: water dispenser water flow is not less than 2L / min


a) Feeding the feeding per feed. Combined with the sow, the amount of feed is adjusted, and the amount is most free to eat.

b) Clean the tank before feeding in the morning. c) There must be a clear record each time the amount of the sow is fed.
D) After each sow is eaten, try not to have the remaining, give the remaining food to other sows.
E) Feed some of the last meal daily to ensure that the mother pig is eating.

Other factors affecting lactation season:

1, the environment is high temperature, the temperature is exceeded 24 ° C, each increase, the sow is reduced by 80 g / day.
2, the floor surface, the drain plate is cool than solid flooring.
3, the moisture material is higher than the dry material.
4, low nutrition, high fiber day grains will reduce the availability of nutrients of the sow.
5, I have the number of people.
6, lactation days

7. The backbond when childbirth is delivered 3-4 weeks before the birth, and the amount of breastfeeding is reduced.
8, the sow is more than 4 points, which will reduce the feeding capacity.
9, sow health, focus on disease prevention, sow MMA, do deworming.
10, a horizontal, small particles (5mm) helps to increase the feeding capacity than large particles.

Add awareness:

1. The intake of the first two weeks before lactation helps to stimulate the development of ovaries and follicles and increase the number of ovulation of the next rate.
2, sows like to eat in the morning and evening.
3, lactating mother pigs eat in the 18th day of postpartumThe amount should reach 10kg or more.

Original: pig apprentices Author: Sun Yingying

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