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Prevention of breastitis
Dr. MTBOND, (China Heldrofu Breeding Project Bull Square Health & Production Consultant)
Overall, Shanghai Niuqun Health Work is better, but the biggest problem is nutrition, Breastitis, followed by limb.
Any successful pasture has three most important factors: local economic parameters, cattle groups and workers, followed by equipment. An important factor affecting the benefit of the ranch is direct and cattle, and the large pasture preseason must ensure that the null is composed of quality to complete the task. The departments of the SDC pasture have many capacities, but only a small amount of technical decisions are made by them, mainly decisive from the upper layer, and too dead. The actual pasture work can be divided into many details. The ability to have the ability to serve technicians, and their duties should not be too wide, but they should be connected to each other, otherwise there may be vulnerabilities. SDC (Shanghai Milk Company) pasture breastfeeding is this situation.
I went to Shanghai in 1986, I didn’t see any breastfeit prevention work in SDC, but now I have seen it. This work is ignored to cause reduction in milk production and huge economic losses. 25 years ago, most Canadian pasture owners have encountered the same problem. Even many people don’t want to admit that they have this problem. But now breast inflammation is no longer the main problem of Canada, because they can’t endure the economic losses caused by this. The government forces the pastage to solve this problem by reducing the milk price and even rejection of milk prices with breasts. Shanghai, Xi’an and Hangzhou three points per year per cow is lost 500-1000kg milk due to ignoring breastitis. In fact, it is necessary to make up for these losses that don’t need too much cost and just prevent breastitis.
Detection and recording
If there is no perfect clinical breast inflammation record in the cow shed, there is no reliable data to analyze the degree of breast inflammation of the cattle group, and can not solve the breast inflammation. problem. If there is a better laboratory, all of the steroidal cell counts are performed on the SDC, which is gradually solving the problem of breast inflammation.
What is breast inflammation
Breastitis is inflammation of lactation tissue. 99.5% of breast inflammation caused by 1-4 milk area bacterial infections, which are entered through the teat. There are two most important reasons for this situation:
1)The ignore of cattle only and milking health work, making a large number of bacteria that can cause breastitis into the milk zone. The decrease in immune function of the teat and lactation tissue, which is mainly improper milking machine, making breast damage, And the lack of nutrition such as selenium.
In China, I rarely see an effective way to improve cow beds to keep the breast clean and prevent this situation ..
The consequences of breastitis
Any milk tissue is damaged varying degrees to varying degrees. The damage of the breast tissue can cause the milk production of cows to produce milk. After breast inflammation occurs, the intake of cattle is almost different, and the most obvious change is her output, which in turn causes a decrease in economic benefits.
In addition to a few cases, there is no treatment to obviously restore the loss of milk performance and eliminate the effects of breastitis, and the prevention is the only way.
Detection of breastitis
1) In the case where cows are not seen:
a) Determination of somatic cells in milk or a cattle in milk.
B) Perform California Male Diagnosis (CMT).
c) Observing the abnormalities of milk
2) Observe what abnormalities in the breast tissue of the cows, such as fever, pain, edema, red and lactation is not normal, is clinically breast inflammation; if There is no obvious symptom, and abnormal diagnosis can be found by laboratory. This diagnostic method includes measuring the number of somatic cells in milk and the cultivation of bacterial culture. And the nurses should know when and how to sampling.
The most common mistakes in breast inflammation is considered significant difference between clinical and recessive breastitis. In fact, the only difference is that the former is more obvious, the naked eye is visible; and the latter is often ignored because it is not visible. If you don’t know how much the treatment of recessive mulctitis in the cattle population is nothing to do, it should be treated immediately once clinical breasts are found. And let the healthy cattle and recessive breasts are milking first.
Bacterial and breast inflammation
There are two bacteria that can cause milk inflammation, the first called (contact) infectious breast inflammation, it has high affinity to the breast tissue, and is parasitic in the breast at the beginning , Propagate through the contact of the cattle. The second type is called a native breast inflammation, which is relatively low in the breast and began to be parasitated in the environment.
MostDigital infectious breast inflammation is spread in milking or after milking, it cannot survive in a large number of long-term survival in an external environment. In the four strains, there will be significant economic losses in two species. They are apronged bacteria and golden staphylococci, and the former is more common in SDC pastures, and its propagation is the largest. If it is not prevention and treatment, it will be the biggest problem because it can be parasitized for a long time in the breast, and propagated to healthy cattle. However, as long as you do a good job, you can prevent and eliminate it in the occurrence of the cattle, the dry milk period is best.
The infectivity of S. aureus is slightly smaller than the non-creases, because it can be parasitic for a long time, it can be transmitted to other cows, chronic infected cattle should be eliminated. Because its treatment is not obvious, the vaccine is useless. If the genetic performance of the cattle is better, it must be aggravated in the cattle population, you should be milking after health.
There are many kinds of environmental pathogens, usually from cow bed, cow dung and because milking equipment is not managed. In some specific time, there are little cattle infected with bovine; as long as it is milking, the milking equipment can be properly maintained and the teachings can be used after milking, the propagation of this pathogen can be controlled.
When milking operation and breast care are not at that time, the nipples can be disordered, and a large number of bacteria enters the breast. When the pathogen is not normal to breast affinity or milking, it will promote breast inflammation.
SDC pasture test results
1) SDC pastures per year of milk more than 500kg per year, while milk
milking milk on the milking table, because in fixed shed There are 60% of dairy cows and 30% of the backup cattle with more than one dairy area, and the shed is 81%.
2) Infectious breastitis is more common, and there is no breast bacteria and a staphylococcus aureus.
3) The hygiene of milking operation procedures is not optimistic, and there is no effective measures to reduce the infection of the nipple. Instead, the method used will only increase the occurrence of breastitis. Only in the fixed shed and the shed provide more and better cowshed pads to ensure the cleaning of the nipple.
Washed the tap before milking will only be counterproductive because:
a) flows a lot of dirty water and bacteria to the nipple.
b) There is no disinfectant in the water.
c) A piece of rag is wiped a lot of cattle, and it is used forWipe the milk dung in the milker and the arm.
D) Nothing to pay attention to the infected cattle, making the milking into the main tools of bacterial diffusion.
e) Unspeak the milk before the breast milk.
f) Milk is not soaked after milking.
g) Not crowded with milk before milking, see if there is clinical breast inflammation.
3) There is no good maintenance of the milking machine and milking system, most cows vacuum pump regulators are not cleaned, not debugging, the rubber tubes on the milking are not changed frequently, so the milking Can not work normally. No disinfectant is added when cleaning the milking. The milking machine is soaked in hot water. It is not long enough to effectively sterilize, and the residue in the milk tube is not frequently cleaned, and some cowshed vacuum storage cans are too small. But the above problems can be solved, and the ranch vacuum pump is sufficient to meet the needs of future development.
5) Diagnosis and treatment of clinical breast inflammation. Sometimes treatment is not in accordance with a sterile operation procedure.
6) When using antibiotic treatment in the dry milk period, the sterile operation procedure was not used.
7) The quantity of the reserve cattle cannot meet the requirements of cattle group update.
8) Release the cow and the cattle and the cow hit it, and the body weak cows have to sleep in the hallway.
9) Do not pay attention to the milking procedure.
3) The head fetal cattle is not separated from the infected cow, and thus these cows are easily infected.
It is recommended that
1) modify the mammitis record method.
2) Spectrophotometric determination of somatic cells in the milk or milk tank.
3) Milking equipment
a) Apply base and acid to the milk after milking.
b) Timely commissioning and maintenance of all devices. The milk cup must be exchanged after being squeezed 1200 times, pay special attention to whether the metronome is normal.
4) Listed: The current situation has improved and should continue.
5) Improved sanitary conditions during milking, disinfectant should be added to the cleaning liquid, and each head should be used with a single cleaning liquid and towel, and only rinse the nipple, and then scrub the nipple with paper, before milking Extrude the head to the cup to check the clinical breast.
6) Use the approved soap header.
7) After squeezing the healthy cattle, then squeeze the cattle.
8) Treatment of clinical breast inflammation in time with sterile operation.
9) Separate the Kang Jian cow with the infected cattle.
10) Try to eliminate chronic cattle and somatic cells.
11) The cattle should go to the corner.
12) If the above point is achieved, the profit will increase significantly, and the profit will exceed the investment in the three years.
1) Although the breastitis of the SDC pasture is serious, they have recognized the seriousness of the problem and adopted corresponding measures.
2) My recommendations have been used and proved to be effective.
3) Treatment of milking head, cleaning and maintenance of milk, dry milk period, and improving sanitation is the key to prevent breast inflammation. Trial
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