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Traditional broiler breeding is mostly cage, the body of broilers is poor, susceptible to illness, and poor chicken quality. With the improvement of people’s living standards, the requirements for chicken quality are also increasing, and the farmers need to transform the breeding mode, and can improve the meat quality, meet the needs of consumers, thus achieving higher Economic benefits. Let’s introduce you to the breeding management technique for breeding of broilers.

1. Select excellent variety

The variety of fine broilers are the basis for improving the economic benefits of breeding. Therefore, choose excellent broiler varieties when choosing broiler varieties, and requires the selected variety With local climate conditions, natural resources, and market conditions are suitable for the preferences of chicken products to choose high quality and suitable varieties. Incorporating, it is not cheap, and should be pure from the regular farm, and to ensure the pure, physical health of the seedlings purchased during the introduction, the physical health, the growth and development is good, and the performance is high. Only such a chicken can be a breeding quality. The broiler provides a good foundation. Veterinary Medicine Franchise Network

2, the management of the environment

Traditional ordinary broilers are more cultured or cage, and the requirements for feeding conditions and some facilities are not high, and easy to manage However, the chicken group is poor in this mode, is susceptible to illness, and the quality of meat is also poor, so in order to improve the quality of the litter, it is necessary to transform the breeding mode, which can be sized, that is, the choice of the grassland or Woodland, orchard breeding broiler. With this way, breeding broilers can increase the amount of broiler’s exercise, so that broilers receive natural light, which is helpful for enhancing the body of broilers, and improving the resistance of broilers. In addition, in the sizzling model of broiler, some feed or insects that can forage natural world can save feed resources, and can also enhance immunity. Chicken manure can also add fertility to soil, promote grass, trees or fruit trees. . The demand for breeding environments and facilities is higher than that of ordinary farming. It is necessary to build a protective bar around the surrounding area, and there is a good breeding environment for broilers in the sized area. By this way, the quality of broiler is better, and it has strong competitiveness in the market, which is easily accepted by consumers, which can significantly improve the economic benefits of broiler breeding.
3, strengthen the feed tube

The period of sized broiler is determined according to the resources of the farming, and the age of chicken. Before stocking, you must first make breasts, and then put it into a sized place. The optimum period of stocking is generally in mid-March to October. During this time, the natural pasture, insects, ant, fruits and other foods are relatively rich, and the temperature is gradually warming, and the growth and development of broilers are suitable. In other seasons, the weather temperature is low, and the natural food is less. Generally 30 days old, chicks can be grazed at 9 am to 5 pm, winter at 10 am to 4 pm, and tonic. Pay attention to the happiness that should not feed in the morning when grazing. It will affect the native food in broilers in grazing. Before stocking, according to the area of ​​the stocking, the lowest amount of stock resources will be selected. If the density is too large, the broiler does not have sufficient activity space, lose the meaning of the sizzling, and it will also cause the tension of the feed. , Affect the quality of the chicken; if the density is too small, the waste of space and feed resources will also reduce the benefits of breeding economic benefits. Usually the best stock density is 150 ~ 200 per 667 m2. It is important to pay attention to the breeding broiler in the stocking mode to work according to the age of broiler, and the specific supplement is determined according to the actual age and natural food.

Careful management in the stocking process, strengthen daily observation work, to observe the dynamics of the chicken group before turning the chicken every day, in normal case, daily, healthy chicken Always rushing outward flying away, and the weaker chicken fall behind, and the sick chickens are reluctant to move. Through this observation, it can be found in time and isolate it. Every day, after stocking of chickens, you should clean and clear the work in the chicken house. When you have a good feces, you should observe whether the excretion of the chicken group is normal. If the abnormality can be found, it can be based on the color and traits of the feces. Diagnosis of chickens, which is convenient for symptomatic medication. In addition, in the feed, you should observe the feeding situation of the chicken group and the mental state. If you find that there is a decline in the feed, the mental state is poorly picked out, isolate the feeding, and conduct scientific diagnosis, Judging the cause of the disease. Also do the observation of broiler’s breathing, you can turn off the chicken in the night after resting whether the amount of breathing of the chicken is normal. If there is a cough, the voice shows that the chicken is suffering fromRespiratory disease.

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